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I was sold at the lowest price C1

I was sold at the lowest price C1: Year Two Class Three Being Sold


The school trip – I’ve been waiting for this day……to confess to Yuki Shirayuki, who I’ve loved since first grade.

“Hey, what are you freezing up for?……You’re not nervous now, are you?”

You don’t even know what a pure man’s heart is, and it’s my childhood friend Nagisa who says that…….You’re a delinquent and should be more careful with your nervous childhood friend.

“I’m not nervous!”

“You’re lying. Yuta looks like that, it’s when he’s too nervous to think about anything.”

Yes, the confession is scheduled for the third night of a four-day, three-night trip, and now it’s the first day of the school trip, there are still three more days to go…….

“I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that I’m not the only one who’s a little nervous about this.”

“…..Your childhood friend is playing the game of a lifetime, so you should be more careful.”

“How dare you say that to your kind-hearted childhood friend who is willing to help you confess your feelings for free?……If you say that, I won’t help you.”

“I’m sorry about that……! I won’t be cocky anymore, so please help me out.”

“I’ll tell you what. But……are you really going to confess? If you want to stop, now is the time to do it, because the other party is not only the class, but the whole school, even the most beautiful girl in our town, Yuki Shirayuki, you are too disproportionate…….”

“Hmph……even if the place we’re attacking is impregnable, I’m not giving up!”

“I hope it’s at least impregnable…….”

That’s when …… the bus we were on shook like crazy.

“What, an earthquake?”

Things were strange for an earthquake. …… The scenery outside had changed into something unusual. …… It was a very colorful pattern of lights, swirling like a blur and a large amount of smoke. Then, as an even bigger shock occurred, the bus felt as if it had fallen somewhere with a thud.

“What the hell? What happened?”

“No, I think he fell off a cliff.”

“Calm down, everyone…….”

“Minami-sensei, what’s going on?”

Minami-sensei, our homeroom teacher, tried desperately to calm us down, but it was hard to keep the noise down once it started……! The door of the bus was opened with great force. And then a person in an unfamiliar outfit, like a medieval soldier, rushed in.

“Everybody out of here!”

“What’s the matter with you? Why do we have to leave?”

Funashio, the hottest guy in the class, attacked the soldier……. The soldier hit Funashio in the leg with his spear.


“Next time I’ll stab you.”

When he said this with a straight face, even Funashio fell silent.

“Everyone, let’s go outside like we were told.”

As soon as we stepped outside, I was the first to see Yuki Shirayuki’s figure…….Thank God, she seems to be safe…….

“Yuta …… I’ m scared …….”

Nagisa is unusually weak.

“If they wanted to harm us, they would have done it by now.”

I’m not sure why, but I said that to reassure her.

Outside the bus, we were in a primitively built structure that looked like the streets of old Rome. …… Seeing the scene, Namiji Tabata, a nerd and video game enthusiast, exclaimed, “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

“We’re in another world! This is definitely a different world! Wow, I didn’t think such a world really existed…….”

Another world……. Surely it would be too strange not to think so……. Once everyone is outside, the bus is transported somewhere by a strange machine……. It looks like a primitive civilization, but I’ve seen some machine-like things in places, so I’m not sure what the level of civilization is.

“All right, everybody, get over here.”

Surrounded by dozens of soldiers, we were moved somewhere……well, I expected a little, but it was a prison.

“Everybody in!”

“What the fuck is……? Why do I have to be in here?”

“Just get in! Next time you say something I’ll stab you in the back.”

No one can complain when they are threatened like that…….We were put together in a big jail. After a while, a slightly pompous man in different clothes than the soldiers came to the front of the jail…….He started talking about…..

“I’m the director of this summoning center, and my name is Vermol.”

“It’s a summoning center, so this is another world after all!”

Namiji said happily.

“Yes, I suppose it would be called an alien world to you earthlings.”

“Earth……do you guys know about it?”

Minami-sensei asked.

“Of course, we summoned you because we know you’re from Earth.”

“Why is that?”

“In this world, the tools of the old magic civilization called magic machines are used in all sorts of situations, such as construction, engineering, transportation, etc., but the magic machines must be linked to a special energy to operate. In the event that you’ve got a lot of time and energy, you’ll be able to take advantage of it…….There are few people in this world, Falva, who have strong energy, and there’s an absolute shortage of people who can pilot a magic machine.”

“What do you mean by that?……”

“You Earthlings, many of you, have high levels of that special energy……we call Ludia, which is why we spend a huge amount of money to regularly summon people from Earth in summoning rituals like this.”

“Such selfish……disregard for our wishes!”

“Well, I feel bad about it, but the pilot of a magic machine in this world has a high status, I guess it’s not a bad life.”

Apparently we don’t have the right to refuse…….Nagisa is holding my clothes with a worried look.

“Anyway, tomorrow you will be put up for sale. The higher the Ludia value, the better the place you’ll be bought, so keep your fingers crossed that your Ludia value is high.”

With that, the director of the summoning center left…….

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  1. bodyshipash

    Honestly, that world. With regular summoning. They need to find a way to k1ll all of the people in power.

  2. Since magic and slavery both exist and seem to be well-regulated industries, there should be the magical slave collar appearing soon for all these school kids.

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