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I was sold at the lowest price C8

Episode 8: Bath


I bought some clothes and shoes, and I’d like to change right away, but I’d better get rid of this dirty grime first. I needed to take a bath somehow, soI asked an uncle around where the bath was.

“You want to take a bath? Well, I guess you’d have to stay at an inn with a bath or go to a hot spring somewhere.”

Hot springs, that’s nice.

“Are there any hot springs nearby?”

“Yes, there are. It would take about three hours by web-liner to get there.”

I didn’t know what a web-liner was, but apparently there were none nearby. I had no choice but to stay at an inn with a bath.

“Nanami, we’re going to stay at a very expensive inn today.”

“I’ve never been to an inn before.”

At first, we looked for a cheap inn with a bath. A room in the places that looked good was 10 gold per night, so we couldn’t stay there. Finally, we found a cheap inn with a bath for only 2 gold per night.

When I entered the room, I found only one large bed……but that was no problem since I always slept cuddled up with Nanami. The bath was a wooden tub with a wooden floor. There’s soap and towels, so we’ll be able to get in right away…….The hot water seems to come from some unknown force, and when you twist the faucet, it comes out…….The feeling of warm steam after a long time is impressive.

“Okay, Nanami, you want to come in with me?”

When I ask that, Nanami comes into the bath without answering.

“Nanami, we need to get you undressed.”


I took off my clothes along with Nanami. I don’t need these anymore, I thought as I looked at our tattered clothes. Then I went to wash Nanami’s body and was surprised to see her. She was small, but her breasts were swollen. I was a little nervous and looked away.

“What’s wrong, Yuta?”

“No, Nanami, how old are you?”


“What the…”

Oh, shit! I thought she was about 10 years old. That’s not good. She’s only three years younger than me.

“Nanami. Can you get in there by yourself?”

“Why don’t you come in with me?”

“……I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“No, no, no.”

I can’t tell you how nervous I am.

“So, yeah, can you wash yourself? “

“I’ve never done that.”


I don’t have a choice. I’ll just close my eyes and wash.….. I squeezed my eyes shut and washed Nanami’s body…….I let her do the bottom part herself, but he was still insistent “Why, why, why did Yuta ask me to wash it?”

I wash her hair from behind. Her shaggy hair begins to unravel and become clean. Then I washed her face as well. Normally I can’t see her eyes because of her shaggy hair, but now I’m holding her hair back to wash her face. This may be the first time I’ve seen Nanami’s face properly. Maybe she’s cute!

“Okay, now Nanami will wash Yuta.”

“No, I’m fine. I can wash myself.”

“Just let me wash you.”

“Okay, then you wash my back, because I can’t wash my own back…….”

“Yeah, I got it.”

Nanami scrubbed and washed my back.

“Yuta……stay with me forever…….”

Nanami said unexpectedly.

“Oh, we’ll always be together.”

Nanami is like a sister to me now. I had no hesitation in replying that way.

“Yuta, I’ll wash your bottom too.”

She said, but I refused, saying that I would do it myself. I had a little bit of a fight with Nanami, who tried to wash me forcefully, but I managed to win.

Then we both got into the bathtub. There I listened to Nanami’s story. She talked about her family, about being a slave, about……me. I told her about my life before, my family, and about school, which she was very interested in. Well, she never studied, hasn’ she?

I don’t know if there is a school in this world, but I wanted Nanami to learn something. Okay, I’ve got my goal, I’ll create an opportunity for Nanami to learn. That’s what I decided.

Now that her age has been discovered, sleeping with her has become more and more difficult. She didn’t know how I felt about that, but she was sticking to me as usual. In addition, the degree of closeness was twice as much as usual, probably because she was happy to have taken a bath and become clean. It would be strange to suddenly reject her today, so I suppressed my nervousness and went to bed.

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  1. This is a slavery world. All the kingdoms and companies are on board with slavery and enslaving people who have committed no crime and have no debt. Slavery by force. So anyone that says \”Call the FBI there is a Master that gets turned on by a young girl\” is just another person to be punished for their impudence against the Master.

  2. In the times of the Roman Empire boys were considered men when they reached 12 years old. Adulthood is a matter of culture and even today there are countries with different age standards like 16, 18 and 21.That said, no matter if its 10 or 14, if he gets horny for a little girl, call the FBI! XD

    1. Marek Ogarek

      There’s only 3 year difference between them, I think you watched too much Hollywood or read too many facebook memes.

  3. Ori

    Well yea. If the change from 10 to 14 suddenly made you horni sorry to say but you where into her when she was 10 to you too. Especially when her mental capacity is basically a child too.

  4. OK, I'll just add a massive target on my back and state this:\”Age is just a number\”If you were just fine with cuddling up with her and sleeping together when you thought she was a 10 year old little kid who you had to protect, you can't just suddenly change your mindset when you find out she's 14. She's still the same person.The only thing is you've started being horny for a little girl, ya dipshit.

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