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I was sold at the lowest price C16

I was sold at the lowest price C16: Training


When I woke up in the morning, I found myself in a strange room……I thought about it for a while and remembered that it was my new room…….

I was washing my face in the bathroom and someone knocked on the door of my room……


As I replied, I opened the door and Ranelle walked in.

“Good morning, Nagisa. How did you sleep?”

“I slept really well.”

“That’s good, I’ve had breakfast prepared for you, you can eat with me.”

“Thank you.”

Ranelle and I went to the dining room, where the king and two princesses were already eating.

“Good morning, Nagisa!”

“Good morning, Nagisa.”

“Good morning.”

Each of them calls out to me…….They’re so friendly, I can’t believe they’re royalty.

The breakfast consisted of bread, eggs, soup, salad, and a variety of stews, fish, and meat dishes. It was a simple meal for royalty, but it looked luxurious enough to me.

After finishing the meal, Ranelle and Yukiha took me to the Magicraft warehouse……where I was introduced to two people.

“Hi, I’m Jihad, an ace rider in the Amuria army!”

The person who introduced himself as Jihad is a blond, fresh, sportsman-like man, and he’s pretty cool…….

“I’m Delphine, and it’s nice to meet you.”

Delphine is a large, dark-skinned man who seems to be taciturn……

“I’ve heard half the stories about Jihad being an ace rider.”

“What the hell, Ranelle, who else is an ace?”

“You have me……”

“Delphine, I’m 108-107 against you in mock battles.”

“Don’t lie. I’m 108-107. You’re on a losing streak.”

“All right, let’s get this over with right away.”

“Let’s do it.”

As they were talking, Yukiha interrupted them.

“You can’t do this today, both of you, give priority to Nagisa’s guidance.”

“I guess we’ll have to wait for the mock battle Delphine.”


In the meantime, I got into the cockpit of the Magicraft. I thought there would be a lot of difficult equipment because of the robot appearance, but the inside was simpler than I expected, and I wondered if I could really operate it. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that.

“It’s a great way to get a feel for what it’s like to be a part of a team.”

That’s what Yukiha explains to me.

“You mean it works just by thinking about it?”

“That’s all you need to do for most movements. Well, it’s better to get used to it than to argue about it. Let’s try it.”

The cockpit hatch was opened and closed manually, so I clicked it shut from the inside. I placed my hand on the control sphere and imagined it starting up……I heard something move with a beep and a click, and then the lights came on to supply power to the surrounding equipment…… And then the outside was projected onto the hatch.

“Awesome……I knew Nagisa was a half-radar, it activated properly.”

“Yukiha, what should I do……?”

“Just try to move whatever you can and rest assured that Jihad and Delphine will support you.”

Well then, let’s try walking for now. …… I sent the image of walking to the control sphere…….Lasbella slowly moved her feet and began to move forward.

“All right, keep it up.”

I’ve tried jumping…..I squatted down and jumped straight up……I felt a sense of floating, and the next moment, I landed on the spot with a thud……Apparently flying is not an option……

As soon as I got used to the basic movements, Yukiha instructed me to do this.

“I’ll have Jihad and Delphine restrain Lasbella, and you try to break free.”

The Magicraft Jihad rides is called Barbera, its Ludia activation value it’s 3000. Delphine’s Magicraft is called Tarbella, its Ludia activation value it’s also 3000. These two Magicrafts will hold me from both sides.

“What’s this for, Yukiha?”

“It’s combat training, of course. If you can’t get out of that on your own, you’ll die in combat.”

Didn’t they already say something about……deterrence or something?……I mumbled and tried to get out of those restraints by moving my body……

In the beginning, they didn’t falter, but I guess I got the hang of moving the Magicraft a little bit. I put my center of gravity in front of me and brought all my strength backwards at once, and swung my two arms through the air……My Lasbella seemed to have more power, Jihad and Delphine fell backwards onto their buttocks as if they had lost their strength……

“Nagisa, you moved it so well, it looks like both Jihad and Delphine will lose their ace rider seats to you.”

“Hey, hey, Yukiha, cut me some slack, if I was serious……”

“Yes, it won’t be long before you overtake Jihad.”

“Delphine, if I get overtaken, it means you’ll get overtaken, too.”

“Huh, I doubt it.”

“You son of a bitch, all right, we’ll settle this right here.”

“Both of you, today is Nagisa’s day.”

They both seem to be getting along well……I knew this country was at peace……

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  1. So far, the author is going by a \”Might Makes Right\” philosophy even for turning free people into slaves. Musclehead approaches seem to be in order for a lot of things.

  2. Somehow the half-radar thing seems off when compared to the other naming gimmick.Also, why do I feel like this is a massive musclehead country?

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