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I was sold at the lowest price C17

Episode 17: The Coliseum


The atmosphere near the Coliseum was completely different……I’ve never been there, but it seems closer to the image of slums, slightly chaotic streets, etc…….

“Stay close to me, because all these people here are money-grubbing assholes.”

Jean warns me.

The Coliseum was a rather large dome-shaped building……with seating arranged in a circle and a space in the middle about the size of a baseball stadium.

“Watch a gladiator fight once before you join, but don’t use it as a reference, because gladiators have strong fighting habits and will respond very differently to different people.”

As Jean said, the gladiators fight was an interesting one…….When one of the opposing Magicrafts came out, the audience was unusually excited…….An announcement was made in the hall.

“In the first round of today’s tournament, the most notable rider of recent times, who is currently on a ten-fights winning streak, is Shinsuke Yamakura! Against him is an old gladiator, Aldmen, who has won a total of 300 games.”

Wait a minute; didn’t he just say Shinsuke Yamakura? There’s a guy in my class with the same……

Shinsuke Yamakura’s Magicraft was a tough, yellow, gorilla-like machine…….His opponent was the exact opposite, a smaller, thinner Magicraft, and from the looks of it, Shinsuke Yamakura seemed to be the stronger of the two…….

A large monitor like an electronic bulletin board displays the odds of the matchup…..It seems that the onlookers’ assessment is that the old gladiator has the edge.

“I’m going to make you regret that you didn’t retire as soon as you……could, you loser rider!”

Hmmm……the voice is also similar……but I wonder if that quiet Yamakura Shinsuke would say something like this……

“Hmph, young man…….I’ll show you that a gladiator’s fight doesn’t just depend on the Ludia value.”

As soon as the two sides finish their argument, the match begins…….Yamakura seems to have made the first move……. He lunges forward and approaches the enemy……the opposing Magicraft was waiting for it.

Yamakura attacked with a club-like weapon that he was holding……The opponent avoided it and attacked Yamakura’s body with a short, knife-like weapon……However; it seems that he didn’t do any damage, as he didn’t had enough attack power.

Yamakura realized that the enemy’s attack was ineffective and approached the defenseless enemy…….The opponent continued his attacks, but they were ineffective……

“I got you!”

But it seemed to be an opening for the old gladiator…… Yamakura Magicraft, who took a large step forward, was caught by a large hand-like arm emerged from the back of the other Magicraft.

“What the hell?”

“This is a huge arm that can make a Magicraft immobile……. I want you to be tortured to death, kid!”

He pinned Yamakura down with his big hand. The old gladiator takes out a stick and attaches the knife to the end of it…….With that the weapon turned into a short spear. He began to attack Yamakura’s Magicraft. It seems that the attack is more powerful than the knife, and he is taking damage.

“Hey, old man you think an attack like that will hurt this Gorion……let me show you the power of 100,000 max!”

He then began to pull away the arm that was restraining him……

“Useless, even at 100,000 power that arm is……”

That’s when the old gladiator’s words stopped……because the shape of the arm that was restraining him began to transform.

“No way…….”

With a great noise, the arm bent and broke. Yamakura, now free, swung his club wide and struck the old gladiator on the head with all his might! The old gladiator’s lightly armored Magicraft seemed to have suffered fatal damage to its body, with its neck blown off by the impact…….It collapsed on the spot with a pushy sound.

“The winner, Shinsuke Yamakura!”

The crowd cheered as Yamakura celebrated his victory…….Yamakura responded to the cheers by raising his hand.

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