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I was sold at the lowest price C18

I was sold at the lowest price C18: The First Fight


“All right, let’s go find your opponent.” Jean said.

“What kind of opponent?”

“First of all, he has to have money…….And be somewhat confident.”

“Is that something you can see on the outside?”

“That’s why you have me. I’ll take care of that. I’m a good judge of character.”

Jean chose a man who looked like a Viking from a movie who was laughing gaily in a bar.

“What, you want to fight me, that’s interesting…..so what’s that guy’s track record?”

“This will be his first battle.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like fighting with such a snot-nosed kid, please choose someone else.”

“20 million on the line.”

“……What the…..is that, are you serious?”

“I’m serious. You’re not gonna take it?”

“……pfft……okay, I’ll take it ……don’t regret it.”

“You too.”

Thus, my first opponent was decided to be someone named Keven of the Red Dragon.

“Your opponent looks strong, will you be okay……?”

Nanami said with concern……and I gave her a confident look…….

“Don’t worry, I’m going to win.”

“Wait a minute; are you the one who will fight? Isn’t the little girl a Highlander?”

“It’s me, not the Highlander, but I’m going to win this thing.”

“No, it’s better to let the……Highlander handle the……Magicraft, because the Ludia value can make quite a difference…….

“No, well, actually, I don’t have a choice, since only I can run the Magicraft we have.”

“Huh? What’s the logic behind that? You’re running a Magicraft that a Highlander can’t run?”

“I wonder if it’s…..chemistry……”

“No……I’ve never even heard of such a thing…….It’s reasonable to assume, simply, that you have a higher Ludia value than that Highlander.”

“No, it doesn’t, because my Ludia value is two.”

“……What the hell?! 2……this is getting weirder and weirder…….you can’t even lit a magic light with that value…….”

“Well, it’s kind of a weird Magicraft.”

“Hmm, it’s not my money to bet, so it’s okay……”

In the Coliseum, there was a union that managed the gladiators’ fights, called the……Gladiators’ Guild, which managed and mediated the fights and guaranteed the victories…….In addition, one can apply to the Gladiator Guild for the match in order to prevent the losing opponent from not paying.

“I thought it was some kind of gray business, but I guess it’s all right…….”

“Well, it seems like it used to be a mess, but now that the Gladiator Guild is so powerful, it’s pretty quiet.”

“So when’s my match?”

“First thing in the afternoon.”

“That’s fast…….”

“There’s a big match in the evening, so first-time fights like Yuta’s usually get pushed into the early hours.”

“I see. Front seat, I guess…….”

“I’m sure you’re right, but you should probably get your Magicraft ready, there’s a waiting room downstairs for the fighters, go there.”

“Nanami, Farma, I’m going to get the Magicraft, can you wait here with Jean?”

They nodded…….Incidentally, Farma’s large robe hid her entire body, so I couldn’t see her nod well, but I could get the vibe of her movements.

I was allowed to keep my Magicraft in the plaza near the coliseum. It doesn’t have a lock or anything, but no one can move it except me, so no one will steal it. The Magicraft was placed safely in its place…….I got on it and headed for the Coliseum’s antechamber…….

When I went to the antechamber, an attendant approached me……

“Are you Yuta, who will be competing in the first match of the afternoon?”

“Yes, I am.”

“This is the Magicraft you will use, right?”


“Then may I ask the name of the Magicraft?”

“What’s it called?”

“The name of this Magicraft is……”


“I’m having trouble registering it, so can you give me a name right now, even if it’s just a random one?”

A name for my Magicraft……I didn’t even thought of that…..What should it be……White Magicraft…….Speaking of white……I remembered an anime I saw when I was a kid……. It’s a story about a white lion cub whose name, I believe, is…….

“Please register your name as Arleo.”

“Arleo, I see.”

This is how my Magicraft got its name……

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  1. Easykiln

    Hmm, my other comment didn’t appear? Oh well, I learned more anyway.

    The name is a reference to “Kimba the white lion,” a 1960s Japanese animation best known in the west for The Lion King heavily ripping off parts of it. Although later on the protagonist was renamed Kimba in reference to the Swahili word for lion, Simba, originally the character’s name was just Leo. From a western perspective, that’s an incredibly generic name, and it predictably ran into copyright issues. I don’t know what the “Ar” part of Arleo is supposed to be, but I suspect if I knew Japanese I would be able to reduce it to something like “white lion,” something more descriptive and less direct in referencing the classic anime.

    Just the fun fact for today, enjoy.

  2. Easykiln

    Arleo? That really sounds like Kimba the white lion, a Japanese animation from the 1960s, one most known to the west as a point of controversy because the Lion King movie pretty obviously heavily ripped it off.

    Arleo doesn’t sound anything like Kimba, though, and I’m unfamiliar with the animation itself… Perhaps a specific character from the series?

  3. So the author gonna make him that stupid huh… (actually no one can be that stupid) first the door then the ship and now the magicaft, and he’s not even douting that they might have gotten his test wrong!!!

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