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I was sold at the lowest price C20

Episode 20: The Next Battle


My victory in the first round was so overwhelming that the next matchup was hard to decide…….Then; Jean said he would use a secret plan.

“We’re fighting in a handicap match. “

“Handicap match?”

“Yes, we’re going to give you a disadvantage.”

“What? Disadvantage……?“

“For example, a multiple opponent fight, like……Yuta alone against three opponents.”

“Hey, that’s not fair to Yuta.”

”Yeah, Yuta, you don’t have to fight like that.”

Nanami and Farma say so, but I can’t refuse. It’s also my fault for not listening to Jean’s advice to struggle in the first fight. Then the next match was decided……It’s a big match, a three-on-one match with a stake of 40 million.

“Your opponents are three middle-ranked gladiators, all three are much better than your first opponent, so it’s going to be a tough fight, but go all out.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to hold back?”

“Don’t worry about anything else, just think about winning.”

Hmm……to be honest, I haven’t really fought seriously yet……I don’t even know how strong I actually am……

“Right, Yuta, three against one with bare hands is tough. Let’s go buy some weapons.”

“Well, I could carry a weapon, couldn’t I?”

“What, you didn’t prefer the bare-handed style?”

“I just never thought of using a weapon.”

“You’re not……very smart, are you……?”

“Shut up……you can’t deny it, but……”

Anyway, I had to buy a weapon for Arleo……The weapon shop for Magicrafts had all kinds of weapons.

“I think I prefer the sword.“


“Because it’s cool!”

“……I’ll choose it for you. It’s a hundred times better.”


“I like the tonfa; it’s a good weapon for both offense and defense.”

“No way…….is not cool……”

“Don’t choose a weapon based on its looks!”

In the end, I was forced to buy a tonfa……And it was quite expensive, 1.2 million gold……

And the match begins……

“Yuta, look, that tonfa is custom made out of magnanite, it’s got a lot of offensive power, so go ahead and smash them as hard as you can with it!”

I nodded at Jean’s words.

“Yuta, do your best!”

“Yuta, don’t get hurt.”

Nanami and Farma are also cheering me on…….They have some kind of paper in their hands, so I guess they bet on me again…….

“In today’s special match, a newcomer who showed overwhelming power in his debut match against three middle-ranked gladiators in a handicap match……Will he be able to overturn the rumors that he is reckless and too ignorant! This is his second match, the new gladiator Yuta and his Magicraft Arleo! Against him are three gladiators, Jimmy, Fal, and Epolini, and their Magicrafts Rudra, Benxi, and Hydra!”

The odds appear on the electronic board……48/1.7 Of course, I’m 48……Apparently, they thought the first match was a fluke….

“Come on! Let the match begin!”

As the match begins, the three of them slowly approach to surround me…..

“Hehehehe……you’re an idiot……you don’t seem to understand how much of a disadvantage a three on one match is…….”

“Hmmm……like this, if you are attacked from three directions at once……you can’t even dodge…….”

“Our attack can destroy your Magicraft with a single blow…….You know what that means don’t you ……?”

The three of them explain to me how they have the advantage……I don’t need to be told that……

They attacked at the same time….. The enemy in front of me was a long spear, the one on the left was a large axe, and the one on the right was a two-handed sword…….I avoided the attacks of the long spear by twisting my body, and then received the attacks of the right and left enemies with my tonfa…….

“What the hell?”

I took advantage of the three surprised people. Using the tonfa, I struck the long spear from above and snapped it, then stepped forward and hit the head of the enemy with the long spear by turning the tonfa. A dull thud was heard, and the neck was bent……the Magicraft fell to his knees, making a puffing sound.

The enemy on the right swung his two-handed sword at me…….I kicked the Magicraft with my left foot, and the man, who had lost his balance, fell backwards. The aircraft on the left seems to be upset to see it…….I spun my body around and struck it hard with the tonfa…….There was a mashing sound and the body of the Magicraft was heavily dented, it let out a puff of smoke and slowly fell down…….

The right side Magicraft gets up, but when I look around, I realize that it’s only me who can move. I poked him with the protruding part of the tonfa and a large hole appeared in its neck that stopped him from moving. He then dropped the two-handed sword he was holding and collapsed…….

“Winner, Arleo! Yuta!”

When the announcement was made, the crowd cheered loudly…….

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  1. [“You’re not……very smart, are you……?”]

    don’t be soft, call it for its name, he is stupid.

    will we see blood in this?

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