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I was sold at the lowest price C23

Episode 23: Natural Genius / Yuki


Two on the right……and three on the left……I synchronized with Elvira and searched for signs of my surroundings……Suddenly, I felt a large presence behind me, I imagine minimal movement……twisting my body to avoid the attacks from behind……and at the same time attacked with my right rapier……The attack was aimed precisely at the joints of the legs, and the blow put the Magicraft out of action…….

Taking a large leap, I landed behind the two on the right and pierced the core drive on their backs, disabling them…….Then I ran to the remaining three…….

The three of them tried to fight back with swords. First, I quickly poked the one in front of me in the face and destroyed it……I grabbed the Magicraft on the left that attacked me with the sword and threw it to the other one. The two bodies collided and I attacked quickly with my rapier. After a series of fast attacks the 2 Magicrafts were filled with holes and stopped moving. Then Yuto’s voice came over the communication stone.

“Yuki, that’s enough.”

This was a mock battle to show the results of a month of training……where I achieved results that everyone could appreciate……

“I’m amazed at how much power you’ve acquired in a month.”

Eo, the Minister of War, called out to me after seeing my achievements.

“No, I owe it……to Yuto-san, who taught me everything.”

I answered that, but the person who was mentioned denied it.

“No, it’s Yuki’s talent. I didn’t expect you to grow up so fast either.”

I think he’s just encouraging me, but no one will deny what he says, and even the military brass who were there praised me hands down……

“Then let me give you a chance to get some real combat experience.”

“Yes, perhaps you’d like to join the Zimrian front.”

The conversation went on and on, and my first real fight was about to be decided……

“In the meantime, Mr. Eo, what happened to the case I asked you about?”

It was about Yuta’s rescue…….I listened with high expectations, but the result disappointed me…….

We identified the slaver who bought him and negotiated to buy him back, but he seems to have escaped…….The slaver hid it and negotiated with us, we made him pay with the sanction of death.”

“Oh, no…….”

“But don’t worry, our intelligence agencies are working on a top priority case, and I’m sure we’ll have some good news for you in the next few days.”

“Please……I’m worried about him…….”

“Yes, I’ll do my best.”

That night the military hosted a party to celebrate my growth. Many top riders of the Elysian Empire were present.

“You must be Yuki. Yuto tells me you have great talent.”

“Lady Yuki, this is Emesis a Quadruple Highlander.”

Eo introduces him as such.

“I’m Yuki…….Nice to meet you…….”

“Don’t be so rigid, you’re the star of the show today. Yes, I’ll have them prepare the best drink, a 60-year-old Bretona, and we’ll drink it together.”

“Um……I’m not a drinker…….”

“Alright……I’ll have them bring you some fruit wine.”

As I was talking with Emesis, a beautiful woman with red hair approached me.

“Emesis, it’s not nice to have the star of the day all to yourself.”

“Yuki-sama, this is Rosetta-sama, a Quadruple Highlander.”

Eo quickly introduces the woman……

“Nice to meet you, Yuki.”

“Nice to meet you…….”

“Rosetta, weren’t you in the fight against Luganan?”

Emesis asked Rosetta.

“Oh, didn’t you hear? Luganan fell three days ago.”

“Well, that’s……fast work…….”

“I didn’t even have to go there, because we already had the upper hand.”

“I see. I guess Prince Amuno is scoring points.”

“I think the fall of Luganan has elevated Prince Amuno’s status as successor.”

As the two quadruple Highlanders were having a conversation I didn’t understand, my mentor, Yuto, came over and warned them.

“Leaving the main character alone and having an adult conversation is not a very thing to do.”

“Oops, indeed……Yuki, my bad.”

“You’re right; we shouldn’t be having this conversation right now.”

It seemed to me that these two people, who were honest enough to apologize, were not bad people……

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