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I was sold at the lowest price C29

Episode 29: Beyond Bargaining


Jean is amazing……In the end, the price of 400 million dropped to 250 million.

“That’s pretty good……how about you……come work for me?”

The big merchant suggested this to Jean……but he laughed and turned it down.

“Why did you say no, I think you could use your talents better than you do with me?”

“What are you talking about? It’s obvious.”

“What do you mean, it’s obvious?”

“I think I’m going to make more money with you.”

He patted me on the shoulder as he said that…….You’re going to make more money with me…….I couldn’t quite figure out what he meant by that, but it seems that he has some kind of arrangement going on.

“How about this one for half-radar? It’s a special magicraft, but it’s very strong if you know how to use it.”

He showed me a small blue magicraft.

“What kind of special……is it?”

“Garuda: Activation Ludia value 6200, maximum power 100,000, armor C rank, maneuverability A rank. It’s an excellent half-radar magicraft, but its main selling point is that it can fly!”

“It can fly?”

A magicraft that can fly seems to be rare, which surprises both Alana and Jean.

“Although it can fly, it only floats, but if you use it with weapons such as arrows, you can attack from the sky in a one-sided manner, which is very effective.”

Arrow is probably a bow and arrow…….Sure that sounds strong.

“So……how much is……?”

“Hmm……I hope I don’t have to deal with you again……so I’ll give you the bottom price, and if that doesn’t satisfy you, you can give up.”

The price offered by the merchant was 100 million……which is not a problem since Nanami’s magicraft was bought at a discount……and we’ll see what Farma thinks…….

“It’s amazing that……can fly…….I……want to ride this baby…….”

Apparently, Farma liked it……but……Jean didn’t give up on the bargaining…….

“Mister……I’m sure you don’t want to deal with me either, so I’ll give you 100 million, but can you give me a……freebie?”

“A freebie?”

“Yes, for example, as you said earlier, an arrow which suits this guy.”

“I see…….Okay, then let’s get the latest Arrow.”

Both of them were tired, but unlike earlier, the negotiation was concluded quickly.

“How’s the ride, you two?”

I call out to Nanami and Farma as they get into the magicrafts they purchased. Both of them were somewhat awkward as it was their first time piloting a magicraft, but they managed to move.

“Wow……Yuta! I’m riding the……magicraft…….It’s moving…….”

“Okay, Nanami, move slowly, but don’t overdo it.”

“You both have good senses…….It should be difficult to walk at first.”

That’s right…….I was suddenly in a battle from the beginning……. I moved it unconsciously and I don’t even remember if I was moving it well.

“This……How do you fly?”

“Wait, Farma, you can’t do something so dangerous before you get used to the controls…….”

When I looked at it, the fan-like thing on Farma’s Garuda……back started buzzing around and it slowly started floating.

“What should I do? Yuta! It’s floating!”

“Farma! For now, just imagine you’re going down! Don’t fly yet!”

Hearing my words, Garuda came down slowly…….

“We’ve got to train before we go into battle.”

Alana said as she watched the two moving the magicrafts.

I came here with Alana’s ride carrier to purchase magicrafts and take them back home, so I loaded Vajra and Garuda into it…….Incidentally; Alana’s ride carrier is large and can carry up to six magicrafts! So my Arleo and Alana’s Bercya are already loaded.

In addition, this ride carrier had an 11 square meters living space and a bath, so it looked like it would be fine to use this as a live-in base.

Jean’s Ludia value was surprisingly high. Even though it’s high, it’s only 1500, nothing compared to the rest of us. In fact, it was Jean who was now piloting the ride carrier…….The ride carrier’s activation value was 1000, so he took over piloting.

“Quick, tomorrow we’ll load up the supplies and head for Kirks.”

Jean suddenly spoke up while singlehandedly maneuvering the ride carrier.

“What is Kirks, Jean?”

“The Republic of Kirks……is currently at war with the Cilicia Empire. It’s the perfect place for a mercenary group to make their debut.”

Alana replied on Jean’s behalf.

“Yes, the Kirks have a couple of tiatite mines, and they have gold, and I hear they’re pretty much outmatched by the Cilicians right now.”

Well……it’s true that they won’t pay you much if you sell to the dominant side…….But isn’t it dangerous to side with someone who is losing? That’s what I was afraid of.

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  1. Rei Raika

    [isn’t it dangerous to side with someone who is losing?]

    of course not. losing side is desperate, and desperate side will do anything to win…

    in fact i love siding with the losing faction. isn’t that right ‘epic game store?’

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