I was sold at the lowest price C30

I was sold at the lowest price C30

Episode 30: Protection / Nagisa


As I was eating a quick lunch with Yukiha and the others on the roof of the castle, Ranelle told me about Yuta’s case.

“Sorry, Nagisa……we just got a report that……the enslaved friend you’re looking for…….”

“What’s wrong with Yuta? Could it be that he was found?”

“No……the merchant who bought him was found……but it seems that someone killed him……and your friend has disappeared.”

“No way…….Yuta……”

“But it’s not a report that he’s dead…….If he escaped, there’s a possibility that he’s not a slave anymore, so don’t be so depressed.”

“Yeah……if it’s Yuta, he’s doing well somehow…….But……I…I want to meet Yuta…….”

When I say this with an honest heart, Ranelle looks a little troubled.

“Hmmm……Okay, I’ll ask the agency to investigate……but don’t expect too much because our intelligence network is poor.”

Still, I was pleased that there was hope.

After that talk, I was summoned to the castle’s office……though it seemed to be about work.

“Next week, there’s a meeting of the leaders of the surrounding nations in this area, and I’d like Nagisa to be my escort.”

“Me……an escort…….Will it be okay?”

“Of course, you won’t be alone, Ranelle and Jiad will be with you, so don’t worry too much.”

“But why me?”

“Of course it’s because I’m proud of my country’s Half-Radar.”

The summit of the surrounding countries is held in the neighboring country, Temira, and we took the royal ride carrier called Domna to the country.

“How does this Domna work?……It looks like it’s floating a bit.”

I asked Ranelle, surprised to see an object the size of a school gymnasium floating across the ground.

“The ride carrier is made of levitating stone crystals, so it floats a bit and is powered by the same Ludia core as the magicrafts.“

To be honest, I didn’t really understand, but I vaguely replied, “Oh, really?”

There are more than ten rooms available in this ride carrier for the royal family…….It will take about three days to reach Temira by Domna, so we will be living here for a while.

The king is accompanied by Ranelle, me, Jihad, Delphine, the foreign minister and about 30 soldiers who are his bodyguards…….The soldiers sleep in a capsule hotel-like place in the hangar where the magicrafts are stored. I was given a proper room, but I was a little distressed.

“Nagisa, we have some time before we arrive at Temira, so let’s study.”

Ranelle’s escort didn’t do anything, but she said that to me when she saw me looking bored.


“You should know what’s going on around here.”


I honestly didn’t want to learn that, but……I was bored and had nothing better to do, so I agreed.

“First of all, this summit is being attended by a group called the Eastern Alliance, a coalition of 12 small countries.”

“Coalition……why would we need such an organization?”

“It’s to conduct diplomacy on an equal footing with the larger nations around us. If we don’t have the power to fight, we can’t talk, and we’ll end up being threatened or crushed.”

“I see…….”

“The center of the Eastern Alliance is Temira, a relatively large country within the small Eastern Alliance, about three times the size of Amuria.”

I listened to Ranelle’s story, but I was not interested in it at all, and it barely entered my mind.

“So, the main topic of this meeting is the preparation for the Ruja Empire, a nearby country that has been acting suspiciously lately.”

“What kind of suspicious activity?”

“The most important thing is the expansion of the army. They’re gathering a lot of magicrafts and riders.”

“Wait a minute……you mean there might be a war?”

“This is a meeting to prevent that from happening. If the Ruja Empire and the Eastern Alliance go to war, other neighboring countries will start to move in and we’ll be in trouble.”

The unfathomable horror of war had me feeling a tingling, uncomfortable sensation throughout my body.


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