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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C1

C1: Prologue (1)


Summoned to another world it’s a dream, a longing, and in many cases, an unattainable fantasy for many young people. 

Become a hero, slay demon kings and dragons, and marry a beautiful princess.

Become a saint, save people, and have many women whisper words of love to you.

As a warrior, you will stand on the battlefield and defeat many enemies to become a hero. 

Become a sage and master the art of magic, on a never-ending quest for knowledge.

I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of longing to live a life like in such a story at least once. However, reality is not so easy.

How can an untrained person, who has been sent from a modern society full of convenient civilization tools to a world with the same level of civilization as medieval Europe, fit into that world?

Will they be able to fight criminals, monsters, and demon kings, and get my hands dirty? 

Will they never see their families and friends again? They will never be able to return to my hometown again. I wonder if they can accept such a reality.

Will they never again be able to taste their favorite cakes, ramen, sushi, pizza, and other dishes made with lavish ingredients and plenty of spices? Would they be able to endure such an environment?

Some people may be strong enough to accept it. However, the majority of people would want to go back to their own world right away. At the very least – the four of them were hoping to return to their original world.


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