I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C4

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C4

C4: Prologue (4)


The knight captain frowned and asked Kagehiko, who was counting while on his knees.

“What are those numbers, Sage Kurono?”


Kagehiko did not respond to the knight commander’s words, but continued counting the numbers. Ignored, the Knight Commander becomes furious, his expression distorted.

I said what those numbers are!? Answer me!



Kagehiko finished counting without responding to the Knight Commander’s question. In the next moment, a bursting sound echoed through the throne room.


“Your Majesty!?”

The Demon King Tin that the king was holding burst into pieces. The pieces of the wooden tin cane pierce the king’s hands and face from a short distance.

“There’s blood…there’s blood on my face!”

“Your Majesty? Stay with me!”

“The Demon King Tin it’s a magic item that has the power to seal magic power, it’s a natural enemy for a wizard like me. I’ve been prepared in case it’s used against me.”


Kagehiko explains in a mocking tone. The knight commander looked indignant and drew his sword. However, Kagehiko was already gone.

“Fourth rank magic [spatial transfer]. I’m a Sage, even though I don’t look like one, so I can use it without chanting, you know? Don’t be careless.”


Kagehiko magically moved right next to the king who had fallen from his throne and stomped his foot on the body of the old man who was cowering with blood pouring from his hands and face.

“Huh? You’re so rude! You don’t know who I am…”

“Only a hostage, for now”

“Hostage? Get away from the king!”

“If you want the king’s life, stay away from me. I have a grudge and I’ll kill him.”


The leader of the knights is the most skilled swordsman in the country. I’m confident that even if I fought him head on, I’d be able to hold my ground against him. But it would be quicker to take the king hostage than it would be for me to cut down the enemy in front of me.

“What do you want…?”

“I’m not making any crazy demands. I just want you to hear me out, that’s all.”

“What do you want? I don’t think you’re worth listening to.”


“Damn it!”

Kagehiko stomps the king beneath his feet. A pitiful voice leaks from the crushed old man’s mouth.

“Are you ready to hear me, Commander?”

“Speak up!”

“All right.”

Kagehiko nodded and held out his hands as the hero party and the knights looked on.

“The Brave Kingdom took advantage of us, the party of heroes, and made a false promise. I don’t have the obligation to work for this country anymore. I’ll do as I please.”

“As you wish? What more do you intend to do after you’ve wrecked such havoc on His Majesty the King?”

The Knight Commander shouted at him, but Kagehiko just brushed it off as if it was nothing.

“As of today, I am retiring as a [Sage]! I’m quitting my job as [Sage] and I’ll become a [Thief]!”


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