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I was sold at the lowest price C32

Episode 32: Combat Training


On the way to Kirks, it was decided that Nanami and Farma would practice with their magicrafts and conduct combat training in a wilderness canyon.

“Liza will fix any minor damage, so don’t worry, just go for it.”

Nanami’s Vajra and Farma’s Garuda grabbed towards Alana’s Bercya…….With a light step, Alana avoided their attack and lightly pushed the two’s back…….The two of them lost their balance and tumbled to the ground.

“You have to keep your balance; the most important thing in a fight is not to lose your center of gravity, so you will be able to respond to unexpected attacks.”

Alana is a good instructor, and as she teaches them, their movements become much better……especially Nanami’s growth is very fast…….It’s obvious why…….

She’s a triple Highlander…….And it looks like Vajra……was a real bargain…….

With the two of them fully capable of riding the magicrafts, Alana and I decided to do some serious combat training. Vajra equips one-handed sword and shield, Garuda equips arrows.

I thought that Garuda’s flying ability was dangerous when I actually fought her……It’s not that she can fly fast, but if she floats up to about 50 meters in the air, I can’t do anything without flight gear……And yet, the other side is attacking with arrows…….If a special metal is attached to the tip of the arrow, it will penetrate even S-rank armor, and its power should not be underestimated.

There are many times when Nanami’s Vajra ability is also astounding, and even though she’s holding back because of practice, there are many times when Alana Bercya is overwhelmed……. Nanami is still going to grow, she’s scary.

“But……what am I supposed to do against a flying opponent…..?”

“Well, we’ll just have to use our flight gear.“

As Alana said, I don’t think I can do anything without flight gear…….I can’t say that flying enemies won’t appear in the future, so I might want to think about how to deal with them…….

After the combat training, we decided to have a meeting.

“I want a flying magicraft too.”

I’d claim that in a heartbeat……

“A flying magicraft…… Arrows or bowguns…?… And then there’s the magic bullet. The Arrow uses both hands, so if you equip it, you won’t be able to equip melee weapons…….Bowguns can be equipped in one hand, but they’re not very powerful and you can only load a few arrows, so it’s only a temporary relief.”

“What kind of weapon is this “magic bullet”?”

“The Magic Bullet is a magical weapon that uses the Ludia Core. It is small enough to be worn on the arm, but its power depends on the Ludia value…….And it is so weak that even I, a double Highlander, can only produce enough power to frighten my opponent. It’s rare to see a rider using one of these.”

“Then it seems pointless for me to use it, since I have a Ludia value of 2…….”

“….Ludia value 2……Yuta……what are you talking about?…..”

Alana says in surprise…….Come to think of it, Alana didn’t know that…….

“Oh, I have a Ludia value of two.”

“That’s ridiculous…….You can’t ride a magicraft with a Ludia value of 2…….”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m saying, but he insists it’s two.”

Jean also agrees with Alana and says so.

“I’m pretty sure I measured it with the latest measuring equipment.”

People don’t believe my Ludia value…….Is it so strange……

“If you’re so sure, let’s take a proper measurement next time. There are probably facilities with measuring machines in large cities.”

“I don’t know if Ludia values matters that much…….To be honest, I don’t really care.”

” Nanami isn’t interested in Yuta’s Ludia value either…….Yuta is Yuta…….”

That’s what Nanami and Farma told me, but Jean and Alana wanted to be sure, and they were ready to put me through the measuring machine when they had the chance.

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  1. Treyon

    I wanna kick this mc head so badly… the dude literslly has women waiting and he is watching a fly moving in the room!!! And he is stupid enough to believe he is 2 ludia… urg….

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