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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C7

C7: The characters


Kagehiko Kurono

The main character of this novel and the [Sage] of the hero party. When he is summoned, he gets a cheat that allows him to use all magic.

He is 28 years old and works for a trading company. Because of his hard working life, he is not as attached to the original world as the other three. If he could go back, he would have, but if he can’t, he doesn’t mind.

Since childhood, he has longed to be a “thief” in manga and novels, and decides to live as a thief if he can’t go back to his original world anyway. His favorite type of woman is Fujiko Mine. He likes women with big tits.


Yuji Shirai

The [hero], his cheat ability is to summon the strongest, invincible, holy sword that can defeat any enemy.

He’s 16 years old, a first year high school student. Because he always accompanies Rena and Shinon, two beautiful girls, he is hated by the male students. In fact, he is a harem guy who has a good relationship with his sister and younger sister who are not blood related, a junior who is attached to him, the student council president, and a female teacher.

He yearns to be an aloof, mature man like Kagehiko, but he doesn’t have the support of the people around him. His favorite type of woman is a “calm, mature woman.” He likes Rena, but not as a love interest.


Rena Benino

The [War Maiden] of the hero party. Her cheat ability is to “greatly increase the abilities of those who fight with her”.

Yuuji’s childhood friend. She has long black hair, is extremely beautiful and was the object of admiration for many boys in Japan. She is in love with Yuji, and is annoyed by his incessant attraction to women. She is a bit of a yandere.

Her favorite type of man is Yuji Shirai. If Yuji can’t be hers, she’d rather……

Shinon Aozaki

The [Saint] of the hero party. Her cheat ability is “a recovery ability that can bring back the dead.”

Yuji’s classmate. A beautiful little girl with black hair and a haircut that looks like a Japanese doll. She has a huge following among gentlemen with a taste for lolitas. She doesn’t really like Yuji, but she pretends to be a member of Yuji’s harem to avoid men.

Her favorite type of man is “a nice middle aged man over 50.” Even better if he has a beard. Her current target is a certain priest in a certain country.


The King of the Brave Kingdom

He summons heroes to defeat the Demon King, who is hostile to humanity. After the heroes defeat the Demon King, he plans to use their power to invade other countries.

His plans are foiled when the hero party runs away, and he goes to war with a neighboring country with his war funds and magic items stolen by Kagehiko. Naturally, he was defeated.

Although the Brave Kingdom is spared from destruction by the peace treaty, it is forced to pay a large amount of compensation, and the king takes responsibility for his actions by drinking a poison cup.

Knight Commander

Knight Commander of the Brave Kingdom, he is as skilled with a sword as Yuji.

After the incident, he is imprisoned because he failed to capture the fleeing party of heroes and was held responsible for failing to protect the king from violence.

He was released during the war with the neighboring country, but he had to fight with his physical strength depleted by his imprisonment, and was killed by a small army.

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  1. Huh?! What's this massive spoiler filled character introduction?Are you sure this is Chapter 7 and not Vol7 extra7 or something?

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