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I was sold at the lowest price C35

Episode 35: The Battle for Ruba Fortress


We went around to the west side of Ruba’s fortress and prepared to attack.

“Uh-oh. Can you all hear me?”

“Alana, Bercya, I’m here.”

“Nanami, Vajra, I read you.”

“Farma, Garuda……copy.”

“Jean, Ride Carrier, I copy you.”

“Yuta, Arleo, copy.”

I don’t know what the principle behind it is, but the magical technology called the Spirit Box has made it possible for magicrafts to talk to each other via ride carriers. Also, the Kirks gave us something called a beacon crystal to identify our allies, so we’ve installed that in each of our magicrafts. This beacon crystal shows the approximate location of your allies as dots on the crystal, so you can see their movements, albeit roughly.

“Wait a minute, there’s something weird attached to Arleo’s right arm…….”

When I looked at it, I saw that there was a large watch-like device attached to Arleo’s right arm.

“Yuta, you said you wanted a long distance attack method, that’s the magic bullet I told you about.”

“This is the…….How does it work?”

“It’s connected to the Ludia core, so it’s like controlling a magicraft, you just imagine it and shoot it.”

“I see…….”

“But don’t expect it to be very powerful. It should only be used as a deterrent.”

“Copy that.”

Five kilometers west of the Ruba fortress……From here, the ride carrier was conspicuous, so we decided to get off and ride the magicrafts……

“Ride-carrier, drop us off and stay in the back.”

“All right, you four, take it easy.”

When I looked at the beacon crystal, I saw three dots moving together around my point. When you touch the beacon crystal, it seems you can zoom in and out, and a number of dots appear……Based on the number and location, I can tell that they are friendly dots attacking from the east and south.

In addition, the beacon crystal has a battle recorder function, and it seems that when you defeat an enemy, it is stored here, so that the number of defeated enemies can be confirmed and proven.

It seems that the battles for the fortress has begun…….The sounds of fierce fighting are beginning to be heard.

I can see the enemy’s magicraft troops in front of us……and their number is about 50 at a glance……their number is higher than I thought.

“Farma, take flight and prepare to fire your arrows. I’m going to charge into the center, so Nanami and Alana, take out the enemies from the left and right!”

I was confident that I was strong enough, so I decided that I would charge into the center and attract the enemy. That way, I feel like there’s less risk of danger to my friends.

As soon as I charged, four enemy magicrafts approached me…….When I saw that all four planes were armed with long spears……I then attacked them at close range, swinging both tonfas. The enemy’s magicraft is more fragile than I thought……A single blow to the body caused it to emit smoke and stop……

“One magicraft first!”

I turn my body and hit the left and right side magicrafts with the tonfa as well. Like the first one, the two magicrafts on either side made a swooshing sound and fell to their knees, motionless. When I hit the head of the remaining one, the head is blown off with a swoosh it falls over backwards and it too stops moving.

After defeating four enemy magicrafts, I looked around and saw that Nanami and Alana had also defeated several enemies. In addition, a second group of enemies was approaching……There were about 20 of them.

“Farma, attack with arrows!”

Farma began to shoot arrows at the approaching enemy magicrafts…….The accuracy of Farma’s Garuda arrows is high, every arrow that shoots hits. ……The arrows also seem to be very powerful since the pierced enemy magicrafts stopped moving. Seeing that the enemy was scared, Alana shouted.

“The enemy is scared! Let’s finish them!”

Alana’s Bercya said, accelerating to charge into the enemy magicrafts……Nanami and I followed suit. After all, Alana’s combat power is tremendous…….In an instant; three magic machines are disassembled by Bercya’s twin swords.

In addition, Nanami’s growth is remarkable…..Nanami’s Vajra is equipped with a one-handed sword in her right hand and a shield in her left, a good balance of offense and defense, with the shield preventing attacks and the sword cutting down enemies. Her movements were so seamless that I even thought that if I fought her for real, I would lose.

I can’t afford to lose too. ……I kicked the enemies away with the tonfa while rotating my body…….I’m getting used to handling the tonfa, and I’m finally starting to understand the strength of this weapon…….power, speed and versatility that allows the user to demonstrate its power in both offense and defense……I don’t think I can lose in close combat.

We were so focused on fighting that we didn’t realize it, but……the total score of the four of us was already over 50…… A third of a hundred enemies is about 33, but something doesn’t seem right…

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  1. [“But don’t expect it to be very powerful. It should only be used as a deterrent.”]
    if they know is not powerful then the enemy also knows it, so how can it be used as deterrent?

    [I was confident that I was strong enough]
    on what does he bases his confidence, when he insists on being only a 2

  2. The author didn't go through any warfare training of Nanami and Farma in their war machines. So I guess we are to assume they are expertly trained due to their one-sided kill count and lack of damage. As for damages, I haven't heard Alana's assistant in awhile. I would have expected her to staff the gunnery position in the Rider when no repairs are in progress.

  3. Looks like they were deemed as the most dangerous mercenary group, hence why the huge amounts of kill count (50) xDMaking quick work and money too lmao (performance-based payment contract)Thanks for the chapter ~

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