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I was sold at the lowest price C36

Episode 36: More Than Expected


“Something’s wrong…….There are too many enemies.”

Alana says this after decapitating the last enemy magicraft nearby.

“I’m sure you’re right…….I think we’ve already beaten a lot of them on our own.”

“Maybe 100 enemy magicrafts of the enemy is a very wrong estimate…….See, as if to prove it, the friendly forces in the east and south seem to be struggling a lot.”

When Alana said that, I checked the beacon crystal……and found that the points that identify allies were disappearing at an alarming rate…….

“Yuta, let’s get this over with quickly……If we don’t, everyone but us is going to be wiped out.”

“I thought you said you wouldn’t help them.”

“I’d like to, but it wouldn’t be cool if the Iron Knights first mission failed.”

“That’s true. Then let’s get on with it.”

The only enemies in the west were the magicrafts near the fortress and the ballistae installed in the fortress.

“The fortress ballista looks nasty…….Farma, can’t you get up and target them?”

“I’ll try.”

Farma’s Garuda rose steadily, rising higher than the walls of the fortress…The people who designed the fortress probably didn’t expect that the walls would be attacked from above. The installed ballista seemed to be in plain sight from Farma’s position. Farma slowly flicked her bow, and then fired it at one of the ballistae…….The arrow drew a straight parabola, breaking the targeted ballista into pieces.

“Great job, Farma. You got it in one shot.”

Perhaps pleased by my praise, Farma went on to shoot ballista after ballista. The ballista in the fortress also tried to fire back, but it seemed we were out of range and the arrows fell in front of us in vain.

Oh, yeah, I had a long range weapon, too…….I’ll give it a try…….I held up the magic bullet and sent an image to the control sphere of aiming at one of the ballistae and shooting it out…….I didn’t know the range, and I didn’t think it would hit, but……

A sound and light more intense than I imagined was emitted from the tip of the magic bullet…….It became a large band of light, a straight line of light like a laser beam, and extended to the targeted ballista…….Boom! The ballista shattered into pieces with a tremendous explosion sound.

“Yuta! What was that?”

Alana exclaimed in surprise.

“I tried to shoot a……magic bullet…….”

While we were talking about this, the enemy’s magicrafts that were near the fortress came towards us, perhaps surprised or angered by my attack. Well, I guess they couldn’t ignore the fact that Farma’s arrows were destroying the ballistas.

“Yuta! Alana! We’ve got company!”

Nanami warned us.

“Okay, one more shot at…….”

I tried to shoot a magic bullet at the approaching enemies……but no light bullets came out like before.

“Hey, it’s not coming out…….”

“With that much energy in the attack……maybe the Ludia core is about to burst.”


“It’s in a temporary state of restricted power. It should recover in a little while.”

“I see, so that means I can’t fire magic bullets in rapid succession…….”

“…… enemies are here.”

Oh, that’s right……Nanami called out to me again, and I turned to face the approaching enemies.

Alana chopped up two enemies approaching from the right with her twin swords…….Even though she was talking to me, her consciousness seemed to be watching the enemies properly…….Nanami also used her shield to block the enemy attack with her sword, and then skewered them with her sword

I used the tonfa to blow off the heads of the approaching enemies, and then leapt to land in the middle of the group. The startled enemies froze when they saw me. I swung the tonfa at the group of enemies, which was full of gaps, and destroyed them one after another as I spun around.

“Everything all right?”

“Yeah, there doesn’t seem to be any more enemy magicrafts nearby.”

In the meantime, all the ballistae in the castle seemed to have been destroyed by Farma, and the west side of the fortress was completely silenced.

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  1. Given how large the laser beam was… I think everyone saw it, even the other mercenary groups on the other sides xDThanks for the chapter ~

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