I was sold at the lowest price C37

I was sold at the lowest price C37

Episode 37: Unsolicited Help


After silencing the west side of the fortress, we headed to the south side to help…….Looking at the beacon crystal, the number of friendly troops on the south side had already been reduced to about half. As we approached the battlefield on the south side, we could hear the conversations of our allies on the Kirks military channel set up in the spirit box.

“Stick to……what the hell is this? There are over a hundred magicrafts on the south side alone!”

“……Lets retreat, Commander!”

“No……We’re already surrounded……There’s no way to escape!”

“Let’s ask our……allies for help!”

“Where can we find allies with that much power? The rest of the troops are in a similar situation! Naoshi! Akane! Do something about it, you’re half-radar!”

“There’s one enemy who’s incredibly strong! Me and Akane can stop him for now but we need help!”

“Shit……Kirks’ army is quickly dying……It’s not worth it!”

It seems that the ones surviving on the south side are the Beast King mercenaries……To tell the truth, I’d rather leave them alone, but……I’m pretty sure they’re my friends…….

When I look, I find a black enemy magicraft that is fighting with two magicrafts of the Beast King mercenaries. Apparently, that’s what Naoshi calls a very strong enemy……It doesn’t look that strong though.

“I’ll take care of that black one, and Alana and the others can take care of the small fry around it!”

“Farma, rise and attack, Nanami, I’ll take the left, you take the right.”

“I got it!”

“Yes, I’ m going up!”

I headed straight for the black enemy magicraft……Just as Naoshi and Akane were struck by the black magicraft and collapsed. I leapt in front of the black enemy magicraft to protect Naoshi and Akane’s magicrafts.

“Ha……help us quickly! We’re going to be killed! Get us out of here!”

“I can’t do it! I can’t move! I don’t care who you are, just help me!”

I ignored them because it was too much trouble to reply to them, I decided to finish off the black enemy magicraft. The black enemy magicraft immediately slashed at me with the two-handed sword it was holding……I flicked it back with my tonfa……It bounced back violently, and I could tell by its subtle movements that the rider of the black enemy magicraft was flustered. I could feel it….

The black enemy magicraft was flustered, but swung his sword wide to attack. I narrowly avoided the attack and landed a tonfa blow on its body. The black enemy magicraft fell to the ground; making a dull sound, smoke started coming out and it stopped moving.

“Wow……you took him down with one blow.”

“No way……”

Naoshi and Akane seemed surprised, but I didn’t want to waste my time with them. I silently left the area and began to eliminate the enemies.

In about 10 minutes, the destruction of the enemies on the south side was completed…….The exhausted Beast King mercenaries were useless, and we took care of most of them, but the words from the leader of the Beast King mercenaries were…..

“You’ve gone the extra mile. We’re on a full performance system! Don’t you dare take someone else’s catch!”

Wow, how can you say that when…..you were about to be wiped out?

“You know what? You can’t talk to me like that after I saved your life.”

I was about to complain about that, but Alana’s words interrupted me.

“We don’t have time to deal with these idiots, there’s still the east side.”

It’s true……It looks like they’re struggling a lot over there too, so we need to go to the rescue…….I did as Alana said, stopped dealing with the idiots and headed east.

The number of allies on the east side had already dwindled to single digits…….They’re clumping together to prevent the enemy from attacking, but at this rate, it’s only a matter of time…….

I immediately charged towards the encircling enemies…….By the time they noticed us, I had slaughtered three of them with my tonfa…….At the same time, Alana two, Nanami two, and Farma destroyed three of them. In an instant, ten magicrafts were destroyed, and the enemy army was in chaos – before they could mount an organized resistance, we took them down one by one.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Don’t take what’s mine!”

After destroying the enemy in the east, the dialogue with the ones we saved was the same as with the leader of the Beast King mercenaries…..

“What the hell, Nanami and the others saved you!”

Even Nanami was a little upset.

After that, the fortress ballistas were also neutralized by Farma’s arrows, and the Ruba fortress was completely overrun…….Then, the infantry of the Kirks army rushed in and took control of the inside of the fortress as well, ending this operation.


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