I was sold at the lowest price C39

I was sold at the lowest price C39

Episode 39: Control of the Border Town

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A great number of magicrafts were stationed in the border town we were going to retake……

“It’s not a hundred……There must be 300 of them……”

The first thing I did was to scout the town, and it seemed that there were considerably more enemies than I had been informed.

“Is it bad?”

“No, there don’t seem to be any Highlander magicrafts, so it looks like we’re okay in terms of strength…….”

“Most of them are Bourbon, a general-purpose machine from Tchilakia. Bourbon’s performance is 1,200 activation Ludia, 8,000 maximum output, F-ranked armor, and G-ranked maneuverability, which is one of the lowest performance military magicrafts.”

“Thanks for the information, Farma.”

When I thanked her, Farma’s face turned red and she was embarrassed.

As I returned to the ride carrier to begin the attack, Alana called out to me.

“Yuta, why don’t you try using this weapon?”

What she showed me was a spear-like weapon with a large blade attached to both ends.

“What’s that?”

“It’s a double spear. There are a lot of enemies this time, so I think this weapon is more suitable for annihilation than the tonfa, which has a better balance of offense and defense.”

“I see, I’ll try it.”

On Alana’s recommendation I changed my equipment from the tonfa to the double spear.

The strategy was pretty much the same as the fortress battle: me, Alana, and Nanami would charge into the enemy, and Farma would shoot arrows at them from above. I’m not even sure if I can call this a strategy……

When the enemy’s magicrafts noticed our approach, they all started moving – we accelerated at once and rammed into the enemy group.

I slashed the enemy’s magicrafts while spinning the double spear – the mere touch of the double spear’s blade would slash the enemy’s magicrafts, and if the timing was right, it would split them in half…….

“That’s a hell of a cut…….”

“No, it doesn’t normally cut that well…….I think it’s probably the effect of Ludia’s augmentation, but……I’m still curious about Yuta’s Ludia value……”

“Ludia values also influence attack power.”

“Yes, it affects all the abilities of the magicraft.”


Even as we were having this conversation, we were slaying the enemies.

Farma’s arrows, however, have a much higher rate of fire speed and accuracy than before. If she’s careful, she’s going to get the most kills. Nanami’s swordsmanship has also improved greatly, and her dancing fighting style is probably based on Alana’s, as she slashes through her enemies in rhythm.

An hour after the battle began we had eliminated more than half of the enemies and their attacks began to slow down.

“As expected, the enemy it’s starting to get scared after this much fighting.”

Alana said as she saw the change in the enemy’s movements.

“Maybe if we eliminate a few more they’ll run.”

“Nanami, I’m tired. I’d appreciate it if you could help me.”

“I’m tired too…….”

As Nanami and Farma said, fatigue will accumulate, and after an hour of fighting, they’re starting to get tired.

“Okay, let’s give it one more try and force them to retreat!”

Everyone responded well to my words.


And I resumed my attack on the scared enemies…….

After defeating more enemies, just when they were about to retreat, there was a magicraft unit approaching at great speed from the east. At first, I thought they were enemy reinforcements, but I recognized that magicraft.

“How come the Beast King Mercenaries are in the picture?”

Yes, the unit was that Beast King mercenary group……

“I’m here in response to your call for reinforcements!”

That’s what the leader of the Beast King mercenaries said, but I didn’t ask for any reinforcements.

“No, I didn’t ask for reinforcements.”

I said, and got a surprising response.

“Not from you, but from a junior officer in the Kirks army who is accompanying you.”


It seems that the Kirks army, which is accompanying and waiting behind us, has requested reinforcements from the Beast King mercenaries…….

“Wait a minute, this is a solo mission for us Iron Knights, we don’t need reinforcements.”

I really don’t need reinforcements when the battle is already won.

“Hmph, you people who pretended to help us who didn’t need help during the Battle of Ruba Fortress and then snatched our prey have no right to say that!”

No, no, no…….If I hadn’t helped you then, you would have been in trouble…….

After such a ridiculous exchange, the enemy forces, judging that they would be further outnumbered by the appearance of the Beast King mercenaries, immediately began to retreat……


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