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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C10

C10: The Way of the Phantom Thief (3)


“Who the hell does that lady knight think she is?”

Fed up with the persistent attitude of the female knight, Marquis Trajan yelled as soon as he entered the house.

“Who do you think you are!? A mere member of the Royal City Guard is challenging me! If that woman wasn’t the Count’s daughter, I’d tell the upper echelons of the Knights and have her shipped off to the frontier!”

Normally, it is not the Marquis’s job to deal with the guards directly. However, that impudent female knight, Matilda Marstfoy, is also the daughter of a Count. He could not leave it to his servants to deal with her. Shaking his fat body, the Marquis walked up the stairs to his room. Behind the Marquis, an elderly butler followed without making a sound.

“I don’t care if he’s a great thief or a wizard! I don’t want anyone sneaking in my house! Those guards too, of course!”

“Yes, sir.”

Giving instructions to the butler in a biting tone, the Marquis went into his room. He locked the door from the inside with a clang and left himself alone in the room.

“Hmph, this is the residence of Marquis Trajan, the next Prime Minister of the Slayer Kingdom! No matter if it’s the Phantom thief or the guards, they can’t enter without my permission!”

The Marquis walked to the back of the room and tapped on the wall. Then a part of the wall opened to reveal a hidden safe. Using the key, he opened the safe and found a blue pearl the size of his palm and a bundle of documents.

“As long as I have the Eye of the Holy Dragon in my hand, no one can stand against me! I’ll even find this wizard thief and hang him right now!”

The blue pearl that he took out of the safe was the magic item “Eye of the Holy Dragon” that was written in the notice of the thief, Shadow. The ability of this magic item is clairvoyance. It had the power to project places and people that the owner wanted to see. The Marquis has used this power to gain power by taking advantage of the weaknesses of many powerful people.

“Now, Eye of the Sacred Dragon, grant my wish! Show me the location of the mysterious thief Shadow!”

The Marquis held his hand over the Pearl and commanded. Then, a seven-colored mist swirled inside the pearl and changed its shape. The seven-colored haze eventually took on a definite shape, reflecting a landscape somewhere.

“Hmm…..what the hell is this place……?”

It was inside a mansion. It seemed to be a nobleman’s mansion, as it was lined with luxurious-looking furniture. A man was sitting on a sofa in the middle of the room. The man is ugly and bloated, with a figure like that of an oak.

“Who’s this ugly pig……?”

I recognize the outfit this man is wearing. This is the exact same clothing that I am wearing.

“Heh, this looks like a useful item.”


A man in a black suit appeared behind the pigman inside the jewel.

“That’s too much for a fool like you to have. This thief, Shadow, will take it.”

“Well, well, well…..”

A silver mask covering the upper half of his face and a jet-black cloak. It was the same figure that had been depicted on the wanted list.

“Phantom Thief Shadow!”

It was the appearance of Shadow the Phantom Thief, the greatest thief under heaven who was causing a commotion in the kingdom.


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