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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C11

C11: The Way of the Phantom Thief (4)


“It’s the thief Shadow! Get him!”

“What do you mean, get him?”

Shadow said dismissively and shrugged his shoulders.

“What did you do? Why isn’t anyone coming?”

The Marquis was shouting frantically, but none of the guards appeared. The inside of the mansion was silent, as if no one was there but them.

“4th rank magic [Sonic Interception]. I have blocked the transmission of sound between the outside and inside of this room. In short, no matter how much you call for help, no one will come.”

“Somebody, somebody help me, please!”

The Marquis crawled to the entrance of the room and knocked on the door with a bang. However, since the sound was muffled by the magic, the sound of the door slamming did not leak out. Incidentally, Shadow had also tampered with the lock beforehand so that the door could not be opened from the inside.

“Oh dear, don’t make such a fuss. I’m not a killer; I won’t take your life.”


“Really, I’ll leave as soon as I finish my business.”

Shadow nodded while looking at the man who was weeping and sniffling without the dignity of a nobleman.

“I sent you a warning, didn’t I? That’s all I’m after.”

“No! That’s…”

Before he knew it, the Holy Dragon’s Eye was in Shadow’s hand. The jewel that had been reflecting the interior of this room earlier had returned to its original state of blue stone.

“Give it back! That’s my treasure!”

“This is the treasure of the Demon Kingdom that went missing after the heroes defeated the demon king.”

With the defeat of the Demon King by the heroes, the threat of demons has disappeared from the world. However, the magic items that were brought out from the Demon Kingdom in the chaos of the Demon King’s defeat have been causing chaos all over the world.

“I’ll take this. Have a good night, Marquis.”

“No, wait! Wait! I must have it…….”

The Marquis has used the “Eye of the Holy Dragon” to gain power by grabbing the weaknesses of many people. Naturally, there were many people who resented the Marquis, and assassins were sometimes sent to kill him.

The “Eyes of the Holy Dragon” protected the Marquis from such malice. By projecting the location and appearance of those who have hostile intentions towards him, he has been able to escape danger many times. If that magic item was taken away from him now, he would not be able to resist those who resented him and would be killed.

The Marquis desperately chased after him, but Shadow didn’t even look at him as he opened the window and went out onto the balcony.


Shadow looked down outside from the balcony and saw Matilda standing guard outside the mansion. The beautiful blond-haired knight continued to guard the mansion without noticing anything unusual about it.

“Heh, this is a beautiful young lady with big breasts. I’ll have to reward her for her hard work.”

Shadow activated a new magic, Fourth Rank Magic [Whirlwind Storm Dance]. A stormy wind rages through the room, rolling up furniture and destroying the walls of the Marquis residence.

” Whoooo!”

The Marquis clung desperately to the pillar and held on to it to prevent himself from being blown away. If he were to let go of the pillar, he would be blown away by the wind and thrown out of the broken wall. Thanks to his efforts, the Marquis succeeded in holding on until the wind stopped.

“Oh, my God…….”

With his hair and clothes in tatters, the Marquis managed to pull himself up. He looked around the room, but there was already no sign of the silver-masked thief.

“Damn it! Don’t think you’ll get away with this for free, you thief! Do something to get the pearl back!”

Suddenly, the Marquis looked at the back of the room. The wall to which the hidden safe was attached had collapsed, and the safe had fallen to the floor. The documents inside had been blown away by the wind and were nowhere to be found in the room.

The missing documents are evidence of the weakness of the influential people he obtained with the “Eye of the Holy Dragon”. For the Marquis, they could be called his lifeline. Now, all of them have disappeared.


A scream erupted from his pig-like body. The servants noticed the commotion and rushed to the scene, only to see the Marquis Trajan sitting on the floor like a cripple.

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