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I was sold at the lowest price C41

Episode 41: The Angel in Black


The rapier pierces the enemy magicraft’s head, and the magicraft, having lost its head, falls backwards helplessly……

“100 enemy troops wiped out at once…….No matter how strong the Elysian army is on the continent, it’s too much…….Especially that jet-black magicraft……Is the Triple Highlander a monster?”

The admiration of the officer of the Teim army, a friend of mine who is accompanying me, leaks out of the Word Box…….I don’t know what’s so great about this, but it might definitely help me defeat the enemy more efficiently.

“Yuki, you’re getting pretty good at this, I’m no match for you.”

Emina, a double Highlander who has been fighting with me since my first battle, compliments me.

“I’m still no match for Emina. You have more kills this time than I do.”

“You’ve killed two of the enemy’s ace Highlanders.”

“I just happened to be the one who met him. If he had encountered Emina, you would have defeated him.”

“I’m not buying you dinner, even if you say that.”

Emina and I get along quite well, and she has become my best friend since I came to this world…….We spend a lot of time together, both in battle and in our personal lives, and we’ve come to know each other.

“Lady Yuki, Lady Emina, the general is calling for you, please come to the command ride carrier later.”

I was sent to the Zimrian front, the fierce battleground of the war between Teim, a tributary of the Elysian Empire, and the Kingdom of Hurrij…….The war is already turning towards Teim, and those around me are saying that victory is only a matter of time, so I guess we’re talking about returning home……

“I’d like you two to go take the Magicrafts Unit and head for the Cilacian Empire.”

“This is a country that recently became a member of Elysia, isn’t it?”

“Yes, the Cilacian Empire is currently at war with the Kirks Republic, but they seem to be outmatched and have requested reinforcements.”

“I’d heard they had the upper hand until recently.”

“Looks like the tide has turned with the arrival of a powerful mercenary group.”

“A powerful mercenary group……it’s not the Sword Saint’s…….”

“No, as expected, the Sword Sage’s Sword Clan won’t be fighting in such a small war, the mercenary group that is siding with the Kirks Republic is called the Beast King Mercenaries.”

“I’ve never heard that name before.”

“It is indeed an unknown name, but it is said that in just two battles, they defeated a third of the total army of the Cilacian Empire…….”

“That’s the kind of warfare that mercenaries are capable of.“

“I hear the Black Havens Highlanders of the Cilacian Empire have also been defeated…..I think Yuki and Emina will be fine, but be on your guard.”

Emina and I led 50 magicrafts to the Cilacian Empire. The fifty magicrafts were the Elysian Empire’s mid-range general-purpose magicrafts, all of which had an activation Ludia value of 3000, an elite force with high performance for a mass-produced machine.

“Thank you Elysian army for coming all the way here to reinforce us.”

The commander of the Cilacian army politely bows down to me…….Since it is a vassal state of Elysia, I am treated quite politely.

“So what enemy do we have to defeat?”

Emina asked, to which the commander replied with trepidation.

“Can you first deal with the front line troops of the Kirks army that have crossed the border and invaded?”

“All right, let’s head there as soon as possible.”

“Then let a hundred magic machines from the Cilacian army accompany you.”

The offer was made immediately, but Emina replied with a calm expression.

“No, I don’t need you to accompany me as it would be too difficult to fight.”

“What? But the Kirks have a huge army of over 200 magicrafts……”

“No problem.”

The commander couldn’t say anything more to Emina, who said so. Indeed, to be honest, I feel that the rest of the army is just a hindrance when it comes to coordination and such.

We received information that the Kirks’ army had invaded as far as a region called Chiruni, so we headed there immediately…….

“You are free to annihilate the rest.”

That was all Emina instructed her subordinate riders before the battle.

“What about me?”

“You’ll be free to move around, and there’s no danger of you wandering off on your own.”

“Can I take that as a sign of trust? I feel like you’re just abandoning me.”

“I think you’ll get more results if you move freely.”

“You just put a lot of pressure on me.”

“That’s how you know you can do it.”

Apparently, she’s being misled, but I’m pretty sure she trusts me.

We deployed in squadrons of five magicrafts, spread out around the perimeter, and attacked a large force of over 200 magicrafts.

I move alone, destroying any enemy I see…..enemy movement seems slow, as if they are moving in slow-motion. First of all, enemy attacks don’t hit me, and my rapier thrusts put enemy magicrafts out of action with a single blow.

Emina also moves alone, and destroys the enemy magicrafts at a great speed. The riders under her command are also elite, and they are overwhelming the enemy’s forces.


The sound of enemies being destroyed flooded the surroundings. 200 magicrafts were turned into scrap in a matter of minutes, and our damage was zero…….Is there any enemy that can fight on equal terms with Elysia? I had even started to think about such questions.

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  1. ChrizzyRan Desu

    oh…. is this gonna be like the Broken Blade? … where they were friends but they are now in the opposite sides .. and battle war at each other ….. hopefully not …

  2. Now, here's the million dollar question:Will Yuki be killed by the person she loves?Will she have a grudge for the death of Emina?Will they pass by each other with nothing happening?Will chapter actually be revealed to be something that happened in the future after the MC's group left them?Find out more, in the next episode of … Wait, wrong script.

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