I was sold at the lowest price C42

I was sold at the lowest price C42

Episode 42: Massive Eradication Operation


It seemed that there had been a major change in the battle situation, and the Kirks army was in a panic, telling us to come to the command center.

“He didn’t hesitate to call after treating us so badly.”

“Maybe he doesn’t think it’s a bad treatment.”

“Yuta’s right, he’s probably so empty inside his head that he doesn’t even feel bad.”

When I came to the command center with Jean and Alana complaining about this, I found many people gathered there, including the various mercenary groups and the regular army.

“We received a report that the front line army invading Cilacia was wiped out……It was a large army of 200 magicrafts, but they were wiped out in a matter of minutes.”

That’s what the commander reported to everyone. Well, so what, I thought, realizing that I did not have good feelings about the Kirks army.

“It is uncertain, but it seems that Cilacia has called in powerful reinforcements. If we leave such a powerful force unattended, we will be in a dangerous situation in the future…….Therefore, we have decided to crush that enemy reinforcement force with all our might, and we will carry out a large-scale eradication operation with all mercenary groups and the regular army here.”

“How many enemies are there?”

The leader of the Beast King mercenary group asked.

“I heard that the reinforcement force is about fifty magicrafts, but about a hundred of the Cilacian army are accompanying them.”

“What’s our strength against that?”

“Ninety mercenaries and one hundred and fifty regulars.”

“Huh, that’s a piece of cake. This is a chance to make some money.”

That’s what the leader of the Beast King mercenary group says when he sees the difference in numbers…….Are you forgetting the information that the enemy reinforcements wiped out 200 magicrafts without difficulty?

“Hey, Yuta, you’re still alive.”

“You really do seem to have a lot of luck.”

When Naoshi and Akane found me, they called out to me.

“Well, you know, my luck has always been good. Looks like you guys are as lucky as I am.”

“Luck? We’re half-radar, we survived on our own merits!”

“Is that so? I heard a pathetic voice that didn’t sound like a competent person saying, “Anybody can help me,” and I wondered if he was surviving on luck alone.”

“Which……why would you……no, we wouldn’t say that! You must have mistaken it for someone else’s voice!”

“Well, okay, but more importantly, this time the enemy might be pretty strong, tell your Commander that it’s not safe to keep dragging people down too much.”

At any rate, I only warned him because we were old classmates.

The large-scale eradication operation was immediately put into effect, and we headed for the bordering Chiruni region, which was to become our battleground.

“It’s best to stay away from the Beast King mercenaries as much as possible.”

Alana suggested this to me as we were discussing the mission.

“Yeah, I don’t trust those guys, and I don’t trust Kirks’ regular army either, so it’s probably better to work alone.”

“I think so too…….The only people I’ll be fighting with are the Steel Warriors.”

“Nanami will feel safer if she’s with everyone else. I don’t like it when other people make fun of Nanami and her friends.”

“I’m fine with that as long as I’m with……everyone else”

They all unanimously decided that the Steel Warriors will act alone in this operation…….If true, it would be more dangerous for them to act alone, but it is also strange that they feel more secure in their current situation.

“Yuta, I think you should save the magic bullet this time for emergencies.”

That’s what Alana advises me as I prepare to go out.

“Yeah, I’d be in trouble if I couldn’t shoot when I wanted to.”

It’s true that the magic bullets can’t be fired continuously, so it’s better not to use them in case something goes wrong, I agreed with the advice.

The battlefield was going to be a large area of the Chiruni region…….We received information that the regular Kirkus army would invade from the center and the other mercenary groups would proceed from the east to the center, so we chose the route of invading from the west without hesitation.

“Whoa, Steel Warriors, you’re so scared you’re going into a corner like that.”

The leader of the Beast King mercenaries is being sarcastic in the long-distance communication channel.

“I’m afraid we’ll have to fight with some mercenary group.”

Jean’s reply was even more sarcastic.

“It’s the enemy reinforcements you should be afraid of, so just stay in your corner and shake.”

Jean ignored him. This time, because of the distance, we wouldn’t be able to help the Beast King mercenaries if something happened to them, and we really didn’t want to.

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