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I was sold at the lowest price C43

Episode 43: The Battle of Chiruni


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Having defeated a large enemy force in Chiruni, we had joined up with the Cilacian army and were preparing to invade Kirks.

“Yuki, you’re a girl too, so why don’t you dress up a little more even on the battlefield?”

That’s what Emina said to me as I greeted her in the morning in my drab clothes and shaggy hair.

“I’m going to change into my military uniform anyway, and I want to look comfortable in my ride carrier.”

We, the senior riders, were not told anything in particular about our attire, but both Emina and I usually changed into our military uniforms because we said it would not be a good example to our subordinates.

“I’ve got men coming in and out of here.”

“I already know.”

“Yuki doesn’t have any clothes at all, does she?”

“Well, it hasn’t been long since I came to this world……”

“I see……Well, there’s a nice store in Teito. Shall we go there together when we get back?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s great. I’ve always wanted some clothes.”

“Then we’ll just have to kill the enemy and go home.”

While we were talking about this, I received an urgent call from the Cilacian army.

“I’m told there’s a large enemy force heading this way.”

“Does the large……army include the Beast King mercenaries?”

“Emina asked, and the commander of the Cilacian army answered after seeing the information from his subordinates.”

“Yes, the Beast King mercenaries are included in that army.”

“That’s very convenient……Yuki, get ready for battle right away, let’s clear out the Beast King mercenary group and return to the imperial capital.”

She had a big smile on her face as she said this.

We took up position at Chiruni, ready to intercept the enemy forces.

“It seems that the enemy forces are coming towards us from three directions.”

The movement of the enemy army was transmitted from the Cilacian army.

“Three ways……do you know where the Beast King mercenaries are coming from?”

“Our spies tell us that the Beast King mercenaries will invade from the east.”

“How many enemies are coming from the other directions?”

“From the center, the main army of the Kirks is over a hundred magicrafts, and from the west……is this some kind of error or something?……It seems that a mercenary group called the Iron Knights is invading alone…..I’m getting reports of four magicrafts.”

“So……the Cilacian army should intercept the main army of Kirks in the center, we will divide the troops into two and deal with the enemies in the west and east.”

When Emina informed the commander of the Cilacian army, he instructed his men and me as follows.

“I, Yuki, and two squads will crush the Beast King mercenaries in the east, and the rest of you will defeat the enemies in the west, and then reinforce the center.”

Emina seems to think that the only strong enemy is the Beast King mercenaries…….I think so too.

When I moved to the east side and waited for the enemy, I saw about a hundred magicrafts, that’s the Beast King mercenary group……I heard from information that they are quite strong enemies, I have to be on guard…….

“Yuki, take your squad and go around to the right, I’ll take the left.”

“Roger that. Be careful, Emina.”

“You too.”

I accelerated at once and plunged into the enemy army…….As I intended, the enemy concentrated on me…….Then a squad of my men attacked.

A squad of five magicrafts attacked and suddenly crushed a double-digit number of enemy planes. I was also the target of attacks, but I destroyed the enemy with my rapier…

It’s fragile……This is the Beast King mercenary group…..No way is this the best they can do? I and a squad of my men had just taken out half of the enemy, and Emina would be communicating with us.

“Yuki, you’re acting a little strange, the Beast King mercenaries can’t be this weak…….Maybe there’s an error in Cilacia information.”

I thought the same thing, the information was wrong…….If that’s the case, where is the real Beast King mercenary group?……That question was answered by a transmission from a subordinate who was sent in the west side.

“……is a monster…….What is this strength?……Zuzu……and the…… west squad was wiped out!……Ta……help me! Zsa Zsa……Zuzu……”

And with that, the communication was cut off.

“No way! I should have known……sooner…….I thought there were too few enemies attacking from the west, but there’s no way there are only four……magicrafts. I’m sure the Beast King mercenaries are in the west……!”

“What do you say, Emina, we head west right away?”

“Emina, what should we do? – Emina, do you want to head west right now? – No, we can’t go help the west squad right now.”

We began to decimate the enemy forces to the east, but some of them, seeing that they were outnumbered, began to flee.

“You got away, well, okay, let’s leave the little fishes alone and head west right away.”

I agreed with Emina’s decision.

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