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I was sold at the lowest price C44

Episode: 44 Strong Enemies


Chapter 2/4 sponsored by KingPen. The other 2 will be released Sunday.

“Yes! That’s the tenth one!”

I decided to use the Double Spear as my weapon for this fight as well. I prioritized annihilation because I often avoided enemy attacks and didn’t have much of a chance to prevent them, but it was still nice to be able to kill enemies quickly and stress-free.

“Yuta, you look like you’re doing well, but you need to keep your guard up. This enemy, unlike the Cilacian army we’ve fought so far, is very strong, with lean movements, coordination, and control.”

“It’s true……that my attacks have been dodged a few times, too…….”

“Well, they’re still not our match if we’re careful.”

As Alana said, there were no visible struggles against such a strong enemy force, and Nanami and Farma increased their number of defeats one after another.

In the middle of such a smooth battle, I heard that nasty voice over the long-distance communication.

“Gaga……Gaga……help me!……We need reinforcements! We have a ridiculously strong enemy in the east! What are you doing, Iron Knights! Come and help us! No……ta……help me! Zaza ……”

It’s the voice of the leader of the Beast King mercenaries…….He is in dire need of help.

“I’m sorry, but we’re too far away to help you.”

I replied coldly. Well, it’s true.

“The……Beast King Mercenaries are making a strategic retreat! It’s not our fault if we lose this battle! It’s your fault for not coming to our rescue!”

“Go ahead, run off on your own.”

I didn’t want to deal with them anymore, so I replied that.

“Oh my god, the way he’s acting, he’s going to blame us for losing this fight.”

That’s what I thought when Alana said that to me. I’m not sure if I should have said it a little more softly…….No, it doesn’t matter what I say, I thought to myself.

I regained my composure and began to eradicate the remaining enemies. After that, I encountered some resistance, but it wasn’t until I was struggling that I was able to destroy the enemies one after the other, and then the last enemy was shot with Farma’s arrow.

“Okay, annihilation complete, now what do we do, rest a bit and head for the center?”

“Yes……let’s take a break for now, there seems to be a strong force to the east, let’s get ready for anything.”

As I was resting a bit, having a drink and a meal, I had a strange feeling in my chest…….

“Hey guys……wait a minute…..something’s coming…..”

“What’s the matter, Yuta? What are you feeling?”

“Nanami doesn’t feel anything either…….”

“What? I don’t understand……either…….”

At the moment when Farma finally said that, about ten magicrafts flew out of the forest.

“It’s here! They’re early!”

The enemy’s movement was quite fast…..especially the jet-black magicraft approaching us at a speed I’ve never seen before.

The jet-black enemy craft swooped down on Nanami’s Vajra and began attacking with its slender weapons. Vajra is also attacked from behind by a purple magicraft, not as fast as the jet-black one, but quite fast, and Nanami is in trouble!

I tried to move quickly to help, but five enemies blocked my way. Alana, like me, was tangled up in five enemy magicrafts and was unable to help.

“Farma, rise and cover Nanami with arrows! Nanami, hold them off until we’re clear!”


Against two strong opponents, Nanami was fighting an even battle. On the contrary, an enemy that can fight evenly against the triple Highlander Nanami is……

We need to get this over with. I pierce a nearby enemy plane with my Double Spear, easily skewering it due to the fact that it was caught off guard. Alana also sensed the danger of this group, and hurriedly began to clear away the enemies around us.

But just like before, these guys are no ordinary enemies, and they’re not going to be easy to defeat…….

When I slashed at it with the Double Spear, it sacrificed its right hand to catch it, and one of the enemy planes hit me with its body while I was out of balance, then two enemies attacked me with swords and spears. I managed to eliminate them.

One of the enemy magicrafts moved back a little, probably upset that his comrades had been torn apart, so I closed the gap between us and pierced it with the double spear!

Only one left……

In order to clear the last one, I accelerated and approached it. It didn’t run away or avoid me, but came at me with a body blow. I was momentarily shaken by the unexpected action, my movements slowed down, and I was hit.

“Damn…..you’re stubborn!”

The enemy magicraft clings to me, but I pull it off and slam it into the ground.


I’m horrified to hear Nanami’s screams……

“Nanami you okay?”

“Umm……yeah……just grazed me a little……but this enemy is strong!”

Even though she was covered by Farma’s arrows, Nanami was still vulnerable to the attacks of the two enemies. I immediately tried to rush to her rescue.

The next thing I saw, however, was a defenseless Vajra, its movements blocked by a purple magicraft, about to be pierced by the slender sword of the jet-black magicraft.


I quickly readied my magic bullet – and sent the image of shooting through the jet-black fuselage to the control sphere in order to avoid hitting Vajra.

“Tsiu!” (If anyone knows a better sound effect leave a comment)

A line of light extends, piercing the shoulder of the jet-black magicraft in attack position and blowing off its right arm – the purple magicraft also leaves the Vajra in response.

Nanami didn’t miss that moment, and with minimal movement, she swung the sword in her right hand and pierced the body of the purple magicraft.

At that moment, I thought I heard some kind of scream. It was a loud voice, full of sadness and anger…….

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  1. [“Tsiu!” (If anyone knows a better sound effect leave a comment)]
    pew pew *laser shoots*

    So Yuki is going to become their enemy for real. and seems like they are really killing ppl… nice move author.

  2. I'm guessing that it was just a small つ that you are trying to translate. It's onomatopoeia for a sharp intake of air, a quick breath. Doesn't translate well into English where they don't have a short way of writing that someone breathed in rapidly.

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