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I was sold at the lowest price C45

Episode 45: Disappearing/Yuki


After wiping out the enemies to the east, we headed west in the fast ride carrier we had waiting in the rear.

“It looks like we’re outnumbered in the center, we’ll be wiped out if we don’t quickly clear out the Beast King mercenaries in the west and head for the rescue.”

Emina said as she looked at the beacon crystal display.

While the ride carrier is moving, we need to rehydrate and prepare for battle. The opponent is a strong enemy that decimated our elite troops, we need to be well prepared…… When we arrived at the area where our squad had been annihilated, we boarded the magicrafts and searched for the enemy army.

“I found them…….But there are only four of them…….”

“They don’t seem to have noticed, do you want to wait and see?”

“No, let’s attack. First squad will deal with the red one, second squad with the white one, Yuki and I will deal with the gold one and the blue one.”

Under Emina’s direction, her subordinates immediately began to move…….I also went with Emina to the golden magicraft.

As I accelerated and approached, the other side seemed to have noticed me, and immediately counterattacked. Here I felt a strange sense of discomfort……a bad feeling or a strange sensation……well, it must be my imagination, now I have to concentrate on the enemy……

I tried to pierce the golden enemy magicraft with my rapier, but the attack was blocked by its shield. I was surprised because it was the first time I had ever been blocked.

In the gap between my attacks, Emina’s Magicraft, Shriapur, got behind the golden enemy magicraft. Emina attacks the golden enemy with her sword, but her attack is also blocked.

This enemy……is strong……

Emina unleashed a series of sword attacks, and I matched them with a fierce rapier attack. However, the golden enemy magicraft continued to block mine and Emina’s attacks with its shield and sword.

“This enemy is definitely the Beast King Mercenaries! What strength…….”

Emina was also in awe.

“Yuki! Avoid it!”

In response to the voice, I barely reacted to the arrow fired from above…….The arrow grazed Elvira’s shoulder and stabbed into the ground behind her.

“Wait a minute, that blue enemy plane……is flying in the sky!”

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a……flying magicraft.

“Yuki, watch out for the arrows.”

“Yeah, I got it.”

However, it was extremely difficult to fight the golden enemy magicraft while keeping an eye on the arrows, and the number of attacks made by Emina and I would be drastically reduced.

“Yuki, I’ll stop the gold, you take it down while I do.”

“Got it!”

Emina slashes at the golden enemy with her sword, and when she gets into a low posture, as if she was aiming for the moment when the shield blocked her, she moves around to the side and at once, she clung to the golden enemy magicraft.


I readied my rapier and was about to pierce the enemy’s torso and knock him down…….But at that moment, my Elvira was hit by a powerful impact.


I can see Elvira’s right arm is blown off……but I didn’t know what the attack was……I regained my bearings and looked around……Then I saw Shriapur being pierced by the golden enemy magicraft sword.

“No, no, no! Emina!”

The enemy’s sword pierced the cockpit…… I felt a chill and called out to Emina.

“Emina! Emina! Come in, come in, come in!”

But there was no response from Shriapur…….The blood drained from my veins…….Despair and sadness flooded me, and I couldn’t think of anything else……

The golden enemy that had defeated Emina was coming towards me…….Stunned by the loss of my right hand and the loss of Emina……I was unable to move.

“Lady Yuki!”

While shouting, the high-speed ride carrier that was waiting behind me charged the golden enemy. The gold-colored magicraft took the hit and was blown backwards.

“Lady Yuki, please hurry up and board!”

I couldn’t think of anything else, so I did as I was told and climbed into the high-speed ride carrier… The ride carrier let out a loud boom, and we were off.

As it was, I retreated to the imperial capital of Cilicia…….I was told there that the battle of Chiruni ended with the complete defeat of Cilacia.

Then the news of Emina’s death and the annihilation of her troops reached Elysia…….Elysia is a nation that values its senior riders, and the death of only a double Highlander and her elite was reason enough to anger the emperor. An army of avengers was immediately sent from Elysia’s to avenge them…….

“Mr. Yuto……”

The army of 500 magicrafts was led by the strongest rider on the continent.

“Yuki……are you okay?”

“Emina……Emina……in front of my eyes.”

“Don’t worry, now that I’m here……the Beast King mercenaries and the Kirks Republic will be annihilated, this is the Emperor’s order, so no prisoners or surrenders will be tolerated, let’s avenge Emina together.”

I nodded quietly.


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  1. So, we can all agree that either plot armour or the MC's unwillingness to target the cockpit kept her alive.

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