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Episode 46 Goodbye Kirks!


Chapter 3/4 Sponsored by KingPen.

The strong enemy in the purple magicraft was defeated by Nanami’s blow. The jet-black one escaped, but the west was completely subdued by the Iron Knights.

I had planned to go to the center for reinforcements immediately after the battle, but as I was checking the defeated enemy planes, I heard a moan. It seemed to be coming from the purple magicraft that had tormented Nanami.

“Wait a minute. I heard something.”

“Maybe the enemy is alive.”

When I heard Alana’s words, I hurriedly approached the purple magicraft.

“Hey, are you alive?”

It was strange to ask that question after we had defeated them ourselves, but no matter how much of an enemy they were, if we defeated them, they were just injured. If he’s alive, I want to help him.

I think I heard a little bit of moaning, I pried open the hatch part of the purple magicraft with my Arleo……Inside was a woman lying in a pool of blood.

I got off the Arleo and quickly approached the woman.

“Are you okay?”

However, there was no reply from the woman…….When I put my ear close to the mouth area; I could hear the sound of breathing.

“It looks like she’s alive, but her injury is very bad.”

“……Yuta, she’s an enemy, are you going to help her?”

“She was an enemy until a while ago. Now she’s just a wounded woman.”

“That’s the man I fell in love with…….There’s a medical capsule in the ride carrier, let’s get her there.”

We managed to get there in time, and the woman’s condition was stabilized in the medical capsule.

“Great, can you fix anything with this medical capsule?”

“It can handle most physical injuries, but it’s an older model, so it will take time. This injury will take ten days to heal completely……”

Ten days is a long time, but I’m glad I could help.

Then we tried to head for the center, but before we could get there, the Kirks defeated the Cilacians in the center, and the battle of Chiruni ended with Kirks victory.

“Those jet-black and purple magicrafts you fought at the end, looked pretty strong, but you held your own well, Nanami.”

When I praised her, Nanami shook her head and said,

“I was just fighting really hard, I don’t remember how I was able to defend myself…….I think Nanami would have been killed if Yuta hadn’t saved her.”

I’m really glad I was able to save Nanami.

“So, who were these reinforcements, after all?”

When Jean casually asked this, Farma replied.

It’s hard to tell because the enemy’s magicrafts……had their national mark hidden and its color changed, but that was the Elysian Empire’s intermediate general-purpose magicraft.”

Jean’s face changed when he heard that.

“Are you serious, Farma?”

“Yeah, definitely, I like Elysia’s magicrafts, I know them well.”

“I’ve heard that the Tyrrhenian Empire has become a vassal state of Elysia, but I didn’t expect us to go to war with a vassal state.”

“I wonder if……the Kirks army has that information.”

Alana also seemed to know about the Elysian Empire. I remember hearing about it somewhere too, but I can’t remember where.

“No, they don’t know, Kirks’ intelligence department seems to be incompetent, if they knew, they’d be more panicked.”

‘I agree that the Kirkus military intelligence is incompetent, though I think the entire military is incompetent, not just the intelligence department, to be exact.”

I could tell from her expression that Alana meant what she said.

“Yes, I have a feeling that they won’t pay the reward again this time for whatever reason…….I think the Beast King mercenary group is manipulating them”

“Hey, Yuta, if Kirks doesn’t pay up this time, I’m leaving this country.”

“I know, Jean. I’ve said it before, three times in my limit.”

And as expected, the……tussles were even more forceful this time, enough to leave us dumbfounded.

“Refusing to reinforce the Beast King mercenaries who were fighting well against a large army, avoiding the battle in the center and fleeing to the west where there were no enemies, pretending to fight and only reporting the defeat of the enemy…….”

The words no longer brought any emotion to my heart.

“Is that your assessment of the Iron Knights’ performance in this battle, Commander?”

“Yes, I’m afraid the Iron Knights will not be rewarded again this time.”

“Okay, then I’ m breaking the contract, I can’t fight for this country anymore.”

“Well, that’s too bad, I personally would have appreciated you guys, well, free mercenaries, do as you please.”

I have a hard time understanding what he was appreciating.

“I don’t know if a strong enemy will come after we’re gone! If you regret it then, it will be too late.”

Jean seemed to have said that because he knew that the reinforcements in Cilacia were the Elysian Empire, but it didn’t seem to have any effect on the commander of the Kirks’ army.

“When a strong enemy comes, the Beast King Mercenaries will take them down, because unlike you, they have real power.”

“Real ability…….Then you’ll have to depend on the Beast King mercenaries.”

This is how I decided to leave Kirks after three battles…….I don’t have very good memories, but it might have been a good experience. Also, that enemy woman is still in our ride carrier, not handed over to Kirks, as it would be dangerous to take her out of the medical capsule now.

“After all, we’re just working for free…….And with the ally riders as baggage…….”

“It is true that there was no reward, but we were able to receive supplies, so it wasn’t too much of a loss. …… Oh, that’s right, the enemy is a senior rider of the Elysian Empire, can’t we get a ransom or something?”

“I don’t like the idea of a ransom……because it makes me feel like a criminal.”

“……You’re such a good boy, Yuta.”

“You should learn a little from him.”


“Now, where do you want to go next?”

When Alana asked that, Jean quickly replied

“I wasn’t expecting to leave Kirks so soon, so I haven’t thought about it yet.”

“Well, how about a small group of countries in the south, there’s a lot of skirmishes there.”

“Well, yes, there’s not a lot of money to be made……but there’s also not a lot of bad countries like Kirks, so that could be a possibility.”

Alana and Jean are discussing, but I’m not familiar with geography or the state of affairs in this world, so I can’t offer any opinions…….

Alana and Jean decided that we should head south in search of our next employer…It was five days later when we heard the news that the Kirks Republic had fallen…

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  1. [“I don’t like the idea of a ransom……because it makes me feel like a criminal.”

    “……You’re such a good boy, Yuta.”]

    stupid… stuuupiiiddd

  2. Right?How else could they sate the grudge of killing her off? Both from the readers for not having another harem member and from Yuki for losing a friend.I wonder, is there really some kind of brainwashing going on? Three battles in a row with victories and in the end the \”commander\” still stands with the guys who broke down, retreated from the battlefield and went AWOL until the battle ended?

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