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I was sold at the lowest price C48

Episode 48 A Disturbing Atmosphere / Nagisa


When we arrived in Temira, we immediately entered the castle where the conference was held.

“The meeting will be attended by myself, Ranelle, and Nagisa”


“Yes, I want to show you off.”

This king……thought so, but I don’t hate such peaceful thinking.

The meeting was held at a large round table with twelve seats. The king sat at one of the seats, and Ranelle and I stood behind him, waiting.

“It’s funny……the meeting’s already started and only about half the people are here.”

It’s true, as Ranelle said, there are a lot of empty seats.

“I’m sorry I’m late.”

Then one of them came into the conference room, but no one else came after that.

“What do you mean, four countries are absent?”

Eight countries participated in the summit, which was scheduled to include 12 countries, and it was an elderly man who pointed this out.

“King Arpa, the four absent nations……have just announced their intention to withdraw from the Eastern Bloc in a communication.”

“What the hell? What do you mean by that? Lord Veda!”

The elderly man known as King Arpa shouted in surprise.

“The Ruja Empire is involved…….They want to divide us.”

“Well……if that’s the case……then war is inevitable.”

Wait a minute……Isn’t this a meeting to avert war? I’m getting a really bad feeling about this.

“If the four nations that have withdrawn are going to side with the Ruja Empire, we’re going to be at a significant disadvantage.”

“We might want to consider alliances with other countries.”

“What about the Emoh Kingdom? They don’t get along well with Ruja and they might be on our side.”

“I think we’ll move in that direction, but does anyone object?”

No one expressed any opposition to the question.

“Since there is no opposition, I would like someone to represent us in forming an alliance with Emoh, but I think King Amuria, Majni-dono, would be the best choice here.”

“Yes, I’ve heard that King Amuria and King Emoh are old acquaintances, and I can think of no one more qualified.”

It seems that some important work has fallen to the king. I wonder how he will respond to it.

“Okay, I’ll take care of that for you.”

“Hey……hey dad……it’s not that easy…….”

Ranelle protested in a whisper.

In the end, the atmosphere didn’t seem to be right for showing me off, and the meeting ended with a discussion of alliances and military cooperation for defense.

Back at the ride carrier, the daughter struck the father king.

“Dad! Why are you accepting such an important role so easily?”

“It’s……inevitable. How could I refuse in that atmosphere?”

“And when they said you and King Emoh are old friends, it only meant you know each other in a bad way! Mom told me you two didn’t get along.”

“Gosh……well……that’s true, but……he and I are both grown up, so let bygones be bygones.”

“That’s just your opinion, you don’t know what he thinks.”


Apparently, Ranelle had the advantage in the argument, and the king was tense. Still, Ranelle was desperately trying to figure out how to persuade King Emoh in the end. She is a good daughter, after all.

“He loves fruits, so let’s bring him some rare ones as gifts.”

“What’s the point of trusting the fate of the country to some fruits? It has to be a big gift, like a monopoly on the metal trade.”

“Well……well, how about the mining rights of Miur?”

“If you give that away, our income will plummet!”

“Yeah……that’s right…….”

For now, it looks like Ranelle can handle it.

Since it was closer to go from Temira to Emoh than back to Amuria, we decided to head to the Emoh Kingdom on our own.

“I’m sorry, Nagisa. I’ve been working long hours.”

“That’s fine, but are you okay? Are you sure there won’t be a war?”

“I don’t want a war either, so I’ll definitely stop it.”

Ranelle said so, but a strange feeling of unease and discomfort flooded my heart.

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