I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C12

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C12

C12: The Way of the Phantom Thief (5)


“What the hell?”

Suddenly, Matilda Marstfoy, who was standing guard outside the grounds of the Marquis Trajan’s mansion, was struck by something strange.

An unbelievable wind rose from the interior of the villa. It broke the window panes, smashed the walls, and blew the furniture and ornaments out of the property.

“This is……the thief Shadow has appeared! We’re entering the villa!”

“Wait a minute, Captain Matilda! You can’t enter the mansion without the Marquis’s permission…….”

“I don’t care! I’ll take responsibility. Let’s go!”

“As a former businessman, here’s some advice. You’ll never get ahead if you bite the hand that feeds you.”


Suddenly, Matilda heard an unfamiliar voice from behind her. Looking behind her, she saw a man in a black cloak and a silver mask, so close that he could almost touch her.

“Hello, sweetheart. Good evening. It’s a beautiful moonlit night.”

“Phantom Thief Shadow!”

Matilda pulled out her sword and swung it at the monster in front of her. Shadow dodged the sword with a light step and said.

“Well, well, well. That’s quite a greeting for a young lady. I don’t think a knight should be taken by surprise.”

“Shut up, you thief! Get him!”

Following Matilda’s instructions, the knights of the Royal City Guard slashed at Shadow.

“It’s a pity that you won’t even listen to me at all. Fourth rank magic [Armor destruction].”

As Shadow activated his magic, a white magic circle appeared at the feet of Matilda and the others. In the next moment, the armor worn by the knights of the guard squad burst apart.



“Oh, my God!”

Suddenly, the knights who were stripped to their underwear shouted in surprise. The female knights in particular hugged their breasts and crouched down on the spot.

“Oh! It’s a beautiful view. It’s a beautiful view!”

“Hey, you ~~~~~~!”

Matilda also hid her ample breasts in white lace underwear with one hand, but gripped her sword in the other hand without letting go.

“Damn you! You perverted thief!”

She swung her sword repeatedly at Shadow, but her posture was inevitably hunchbacked as she kept her chest covered. To the wizard, who had been through a lot, she was no different from a child swinging a wooden stick.

“Hahahaha, you can’t hit me.”


Every time Matilda swung her sword, her breasts swayed in her hands. While enjoying the scene, I stroke the female knight’s buttocks as I pass her. The lace underwear on her buttocks, like her breasts, is very comfortable to the touch.

“Ugh ~~~~~~~.”

Matilda, who was openly harassed, sat down on the spot in shame and humiliation. Looking down at the female knight who has lost the will to fight, Shadow laughed.

“Oops, excuse me. Did I overdo it?”

“Shut up! You thief! Pervert! Pervert!”

“As an apology, I’m going to give you this, and I hope you’ll forgive me.”

“This is……eh?”

Shadow handed over a bundle of papers that he had taken from the Marquis. Matilda’s expression contorted as she looked down at the papers. Then, she immediately raised her voice in surprise.

“No way, no how, no how…….”

It was evidence of the injustices committed by the nobles and wealthy merchants of the Slayer Kingdom. Some of them belonged to the nobility, which was out of reach even for Matilda, the daughter of a Count.

“I can’t believe the Duke of Benawi would do such a thing……and that the Third Prince Riddle is in league with the enemy…..and this is Cardinal…….”

Suddenly informed of more crimes Matilda gave a vague reply, unsure of what to do. But after a few moments of hesitation.

“No, no, no! This document and letting you go free are two different things! Thank you for the information, but we can’t let a thief go free!”

“Oh, that’s going to happen. I don’t want you to get caught, so I’ll let you go.”


Matilda leaps at Shadow. Shadow flutters his cloak like a skilled bullfighter and dodges the approaching female knight.



As he avoided Matilda, Shadow’s fingertips accidentally caught Matilda’s back. A small sound is heard, and the lace underwear peels off from Matilda’s chest.



Matilda’s screams surged through the night city. She hugged her breasts with both hands and cowered on the ground. Just before Matilda cowered on the ground, Shadow had definitely seen the female knight’s large breasts and the pink protrusion at the tip. The breasts were not only large, but also very nice in shape and color.

Picking up her underwear from the ground, Shadow scratches his head.

“I swear to all the gods, I didn’t do it on purpose………….Well, what’s done is done, and this is just compensation for providing information.”

Shouting, Shadow activated his magic. His cloaked body floated up into the air and stood in the night sky with his back to the moon. Then, he turned his back to Matilda on the ground and flew away.


“Wait! Come back here! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you for sure! I’ll kill you, I swear! I’m gonna kill you, so get down here!”

Shadow flies away with his flight magic without looking back.

“Wait a minute! Give me back my bra~~~~~~~!”

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