I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C14

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C14

C14: The characters (2)


Kagehiko Kurono (Phantom Thief Shadow)

Formerly the [Sage] of the hero party, now a thief.

After stealing from the Brave Kingdom’s treasury and running away, he has been repeatedly stealing throughout the continent under the name “Phantom Thief Shadow.” Currently, he is living in the Slayer Kingdom.

His main targets are treasures, works of art, and magic items made in the Demon Kingdom. The reason why he targets them is because of a promise he made to a certain woman…

One of his recent worries is that he doesn’t have a sexy heroine like Fujiko around him. Naturally, Sana is not included in the heroine category.



A waitress at the diner where Kagehiko goes. Her true identity is that of an agent belonging to the Dark Guild. In exchange for providing information on the Demon Kingdom items, she has Kagehiko help her with tasks requested by the Dark Guild.

She has purplish silver hair that she wears her hair in twin tails. Although she is 18 years old, she is short and has small breasts.

Her recent problem is that her breasts are too small. She carries around the Matilda bra that Kagehiko gave her, but she wonders if the God of Boobs gave her any blessings.

Matilda Marstfoy

Captain of the Royal City Guard. Blond hair, big tits. God of tits.

She is the daughter of Count Marstfoy, but she trained in swordsmanship as a woman and became a knight. The reason why she became the captain of the guard is not because of the power of the Count family, but because of her own ability. She has an emotional and daredevil personality. Because of this personality, she is loved by her subordinate knights, but at the same time, she is quite tormented.

She is promoted to the rank of holy knight thanks to the documents given to her by the thief Shadow. She doesn’t realize that her promotion was also meant to keep her mouth shut. At her own request, she has been appointed as the captain of the “Phantom Thief Shadow Task Force.”

Her latest problem is that when she walks down the street, for some reason, women with small breasts put their hands together and worship her. It seems that she is known as the God of Breasts. Why?

The owner of the diner

An old man with a bald head and beard. The owner of the diner where Kagehiko goes. His food is so good that it’s hard to imagine from his face, but he doesn’t get many customers because his face is scary. He is married, at least.

He often gives lectures to Kagehiko, a regular customer who lingers around without doing any work. He is worried about the girl he hired as a waitress because she is attracted to Kagehiko.

His latest problem is that his restaurant is called “Bald Beard’s Restaurant”. He tried to find the source of who called it that, but…it was definitely Kagehiko!

Marquis Trajan

A high-ranking nobleman of the Slayer Kingdom. He has risen through the ranks by using the [Eye of the Holy Dragon] to gain the weakness of many powerful people. If he continued like this, he could be the next Prime Minister.

But when the thief Shadow stole the [Eye of the Holy Dragon], he lost the means to fight his political enemies. One week later, he suddenly died of a mysterious illness.

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