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I was sold at the lowest price C51

Episode 51 The Work of a Lord


When I woke up from my unusual and not very comfortable bed, Nanami and Farma were already up and making breakfast for everyone.

“That’s unusual, you two cooking together.”

Jean usually cooks our meals, and I couldn’t help but tell them.

“Just get the plates ready, Yuta, because I made the most delicious food.”

It seems that Nanami has confidence in her cooking, and she says so happily. However, when I ate, I found that……

“Hot! Wait a minute, Nanami! What the hell did you put in this?”

Nanami food was ridiculously spicy……even Alana, who loves spicy food, frowned, and I was in agony after taking a bite.

“What? It’s the red spice that……Jean always uses…….”

“How much did you put in there?”

“One bag.”

“You idiot! That’s like putting a pinch of spice in your food! If you put a bag of it in, it’s bound to get spicy!”

“Because……Nanami……thought it would be tasty…….”

“Jean, don’t be so upset with Nanami because she made it for a good cause.”

When I said that, Jean was like, I know that, too, and as he got up from his seat, he said,

“Damn……I’ll make it again.”

“Sorry……wasted food……”

Nanami says sadly, but……

“Don’t waste……time……eating it all…….”

Lorgo said and brought all of Nanami’s food in front of him.

“Lorgo, don’t do this, this spiciness is out of the ordinary.”

Lorgo just smiled and didn’t stop eating.

“Yeah……hurts a little, but……is so delicious…….”

Lorgo’s face is bright red and he’s sweating as he eats.

“Take it easy, Lorgo.”

Nanami was worried and said so, but Lorgo smiled as best he could and said, “I’m fine.”

No, I think he’s clearly pushing it…….But I guess that’s Lorgo’s kindness…….

“Lorgo, give me some of that.”

“Yuta……don’t worry……I can eat all the food…….”

“No, I just want to eat.”

Then I brought the food to my mouth. A ridiculous amount of stimulation spreads in my mouth. No way, Lorgo that guy, how can he keep up eating like that?

As if my actions were contagious, Alana also took a bite of Nanami and Farma food. It’s not that bad once you get used to it. Even so, Alana’s forehead was sweating unceasingly.

Nanami and Farma also feel responsible, crying and eating spicy food…….They don’t seem to like spicy food and stopped after one bite.

“I’m hungry, do you have anything to eat?”

It was Liza, who was alone in the ride carrier.

“There you are, that looks good, I’ll take some.”

“Ah! Liza! It’s…….”

Before I could stop her, Liza brought Nanami’s very spicy dish to her mouth.

“Delicious! That tastes amazing, can I have some more?”

We watched in dismay as Liza ate Nanami’s extremely spicy food without a care in the world…….

I had just finished breakfast and was thinking of going for a walk when the gates of the castle were violently banged.

“My lord! Come on out!”

Lorgo answered the call and went outside. We were curious about what had happened because the people were so swarthy, so we went along with him.

“Oh……came out……what’s wrong……?”

“What’s going on? I told you about the canal in the rice field and the well in the village! What do you mean you haven’t done anything yet!”

“I don’t know how to do…….”

“You don’t know how to do it! If you’re a lord, do your job like a lord! We’re in trouble!”


Lorgo wants to meet the needs of his lordship……but he really doesn’t know what to do.

“Hey, guys, that’s enough.”

Jean said to them, as if he couldn’t keep quiet about the people blaming Lorgo.

“What the hell, you, stranger, shut up”

“Just tell us what it is you want him to do, and we’ll do it for you.”

“You guys? The canal in the rice field collapsed during the last heavy rains, and the well in the village also collapsed, so there is no drinking water.”

When Jean heard this, he turned to us and said, “Hey, Yuta, Nanami, Alana, Farma, can you get the magicrafts?”

“Okay, but what are we doing?”

“Didn’t you hear? We’re repairing the canal and the well.”

Well, it’s true that a magicrafts can do construction work…….But I wonder if this is something that an amateur can do?

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  1. Uhl

    Those townsfolk are totally unreasonable. They should be directing their ire at the yahoos who ran off with everything of value when Lorde's father died.But we've seen that the people in this world are basically jerkish morons.

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