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I was sold at the lowest price C52

Episode 52 The Power to Protect


When I brought my magicraft, Jean was measuring something.

“Yuta, can you make a ditch between here and there, Nanami remove that big rock over there, Alana level that hollow you see over there, and Farma fix the village well, come with me.”

I obediently followed the instructions……It seems that Jean is also giving Farma detailed instructions on how to fix the well in the village.

We followed Jean’s lead, and to our surprise, the repairs to the canal and well were really completed.

“Does Jean know anything about construction?”

“No, a merchant is only as good as his knowledge and experience, so I’ve studied a lot of things, though I never thought I’d actually use my knowledge of construction.”

Lorgo seemed to be grateful and bowed to Jean several times.

“Oh……Jean……wow……oh……I respect you…….respect……”

The Lord was very grateful, but the result did not seem to affect the people.

“Hmph, you finally fixed it, you really are a useless lord, you’d better respond faster next time.”

“What’s with that tone? Don’t you guys have any words of gratitude?”

I was so angry that I couldn’t help but say so.

“It’s natural for a lord to work for his people! If you want me to be grateful, you’d better respond sooner.”

Jean’s fist flew at the people who shouted that.

“Don’t take it for granted that people will do things for you! It doesn’t matter what position you’re in! You think it’s normal for a lord to do something for his people! Some lords make their people work like slaves and don’t give them enough to eat, and they starve to death, but only they eat rich meals every day…….How fortunate are you? I’m sure he didn’t treat you like slaves! He’s just a little clumsy, that’s all!”

I don’t know why I found Jean’s words so compelling.

The people sensed this and returned to the village without saying anything back.


“Hmm, well, I agree you’re not cut out to be a lord, so I won’t say anything bad about that, but you might want to think about returning your lands back to the king.”

“Ode…….Is renting this place?”

“No, not you. Your ancestors.”

“I don’t know, but I promised……that I would protect the……people.”

“You’re a good person…….”

“I have the power to protect…….I want to show you…….Come with me…….”

Then Lorgo took us somewhere…It was the basement of a castle.

“This……is the only place I can go…….”

As he said this, Lorgo held up his hand to the shiny stone.

A large door was opened and there was a round, pale blue magic machine.

“What is this, Lorgo?”

“It’s my magicraft……and it protects my people…….”

“Wait a minute, this is the magicraft Ganesha, a high level Highlander exclusive machine with an activation Ludia value of 15,000…….I can’t believe I’m seeing a very rare magicraft, only few of them exist on the continent…….”

That’s what Farma explained to me. Tsk, wait, you mean……

“Lorgo, are you a Highlander?”

“I don’t know……Highlander, but……my dad said so.”

That fact was enough of a surprise for everyone.

“If you’re a Highlander, you need more dignity! You must speak back to your subjects!”


“Not “but”! All right, I’ll train you up a little bit. Just follow me!”


Jean took a bewildered Lorgo and headed outside.

“I’m surprised that Lorgo is a Highlander.”

At Alana’s words, I expressed my own thoughts.

“I’m more surprised that Jean is so meddlesome.”

“That’s what I thought, too. His angry words were very powerful. Maybe he experienced it firsthand…….”

“Are you saying that the story of the lord who treated his people like slaves was Jean’s real experience?”

“I don’t know, but it would make sense if it were.”

Well, I didn’t know anything about Jean before we met so maybe it was real.

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  1. It would be nice to have a friendly land base to go back to instead of just a gigantic Rider that needs open terrain to travel. A land base is needed to park the Rider when extensive repairs to the Rider need to be done.

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