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I was sold at the lowest price C53

Episode 53 Parting with the Giant


Jean and Lorgo’s indescribable training continued into the night……

“All right, you can say it.”

“I’m starting to feel like I can……do this.”

“Then say it again!”

“Oh……I’m a lord then……there’s more to it than that!”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s it”

It’s good that Lorgo is gaining confidence, but I don’t actually think his personality is going to change that easily……

“Jean, I think it’s time to eat.”

At Nanami’s sorrowful request, the training session came to an end. Jean had prepared a rather sumptuous meal, probably in recognition of the fact that he and Lorgo would be parting ways today.

“Lorgo, we’re leaving for the south tomorrow, so this will be the last time we’re eating together like this.”

When I said that, he gave me an exquisitely sad look.

“Ode……alone again?”

“Sorry……but we can’t stay here forever.”

“Well……I can’t help it……I’m going to miss you……but Yuta and the others have things to do…….”

For a moment, I almost asked Lorgo if he’d come with me, but he’s the lord of this place…….I can’t interfere with that. We stayed at Lorgo’s castle that day as well, planning to leave tomorrow morning.

We and Lorgo talked all the way to sleep…….I knew Lorgo was a good guy, and I’m glad we became friends.

The next morning…

“Dear……Lorgo……take care.”

“Nanami……take care too…….”

“Lorgo, eat your dinner.”

“I’m going to eat my……food, Farma…….”

“Take it easy. Call me if you need anything.”

“Alana……okay, I’ll contact you……”

“Tell them to get off their asses! Don’t be scared.”

“Yeah, I’ll……try my best, Jean…….”

“Um……be well.”

“I wish I could have talked to Liza……more.”

“Lorgo, wherever you are, we’ll be friends.”

“Yeah……Yuta and I are friends……”

We got into the ride carrier and left Lorgo’s castle, Lorgo kept waving his hand all the way until we were out of sight……

“That was a funny guy.”

Jean says wistfully and Nanami tells me.

“You should have invited Lorgo to join the Warriors.”

“Yeah, he’s a Highlander, he’d be a great asset.”

Jean agreed with her before I could answer.

“I thought about that, but Lorgo’s the lord of that place, and he’s got his own agenda.”

“It’s just a role……Maybe he’s not ready to be a lord……”

“I agree, but I can’t ask him to leave everything and come with me.”

“Well, yeah…….I wonder what that guy would have thought if we told him to follow us…….”

I’m not sure, but I think Lorgo would have been happy. When I think about it, I still regret that I didn’t invite him. With such a feeling of bewilderment still lingering, we headed south……we stopped at a bar on the way to have a light lunch out, as the atmosphere was getting a bit strange.

The taste wasn’t great, and as I was eating, I thought that I would have been better off making something to eat in the ride carrier. At the same time I heard loud talking from a seat a little farther away.

“Didn’t you guys take part in that looting job in the neighboring territory that Gaboro invited you to?”

“I wanted to, but my magicraft broke down. It’s a shame, because it’s good work.”

“It’s really good work, isn’t it, when the lord is a fool and there are no vassals or soldiers we can loot all we want.”

“So how many of you ended up participating?”

“I heard about thirty magicrafts. Oh, man, I wish I could have been there.”

We silently got up from our seats and approached the men who were talking.

“Hey, can you tell us more about that?” Jean asked the men.

“Aah! What the hell are you guys trying to fight?”

Alana kicked them without mercy. She’s strong even if she’s not in a magicraft……

“We’re asking you to elaborate on what you were just talking about.”

When Alana asked this, she pulled out a knife and flicked it at the neck of one of the men, one of them, shaking, began to speak.

“A bandit-head named Gaboro, who has this area as his territory, came to me with information that there was a territory that was……left with only the lord, and he was gathering people to attack……the territory…….”

“Isn’t that territory just north of here?”

“That’s……it is!”

I knew it was Lorgo’s territory…….Oh no! Lorgo is supposed to be trying to protect his people…….But with his personality, I’m not sure if he can even fight a bandit…….We have to save him!

We quickly returned to the ride carrier and headed north to Lorgo’s territory.

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