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I was sold at the lowest price C54

Episode 54 New Friends

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When we entered Lorgo’s territory, we could see that it had been ransacked in places…….It seems that the bandits have already started looting.

“There he is, Ganesha of Lorgo! It’s already almost wrecked.”

Ganesha was being attacked one-sidedly by quite a few magicrafts……He tried to protect the people of his domain by fighting with his magicraft, but he didn’t know what to do…….

“Yuta, Arleo, ready!”

“Alana, Bercya, ready!”

“Nanami, Vajra, ready!”

“Farma, Garuda, ready!”

We jumped out of the ride carrier and started attacking the bandit’s magicrafts that surrounded and attacked Lorgo.

“What the hell is wrong with you people? You’ve come to steal what we have!”

I heard a shout from one of the thieves’ magicrafts.

“We’re not with you! We’re here to save our friend!”

I replied as I smashed two magicrafts with my double spear.

The thief’s magicrafts were even weaker than the magicrafts of the Cilacian army that we fought before. They were so fragile that they would stop working after a light hit, and their movements were awkward and slow. When I thought that a Highlander’s aircraft had been beaten to shreds by such weak opponents, I realized how long Lorgo had been under a one-sided attack.

“Lorgo! You okay?”

“……Yuta……Ode……tried to protect everyone……but I don’t know……how to do it…….Ode…..Ugh……”

Even through the magicraft, I could see that Lorgo was crying.

I said, “It’s all right now, you don’t have to cry.”

While I was consoling Lorgo, the thieves magicrafts attacked me. Two of them attacked me from both sides at the same time. I pierced the one from the right with the double spear, and the one on the left was smashed in the face by Arleo’s elbow. One of them came from further back, swinging a sword, but was pierced by Farma’s arrow.

Alana and Nanami moved quickly to destroy the thieves’ magicrafts one after another, and as they passed by, the thieves were unable to do anything.

“Who the hell are you?……Against so many magicrafts…….”

From the dozens of magicrafts only three were left, including the one that looked like the boss.

“We are the Iron Knights, a mercenary group!”

“The Iron Knight……Tsk……for such an obscure mercenary group.”

We’re still nobodies……but if we keep making a name for ourselves like this, I think we’ll become famous one day.

While blowing off the head of the enemy boss’s magicraft and chopping off its arms and legs to put it out of action, the other enemy machines were cleared out by Alana and the others.

Once all the bandits were taken care of, I approached Ganesha, Lorgo opened the hatch and came out.


He wanted to say something, but didn’t seem to know what to say, so instead I shouted to Lorgo, “I’m sorry.”

“Come with us! Join me, Lorgo!”

“Ode……is stupid and slow and ……annoys Yuta and the others…….Ode……”

“I don’t care about that! Lorgo is Lorgo, you’re my friend companion now.”

When I said that, Lorgo looked up and shouted back excitedly.

“I’ll be one of you, Ode……Yuta! Ode……quit being a lord!”

Lorgo choose to quit being a lord and become one of us. Thus, we welcomed Lorgo into the ranks of the Iron Knights.

We immediately made arrangements for the relinquishment of Lorgo’s domain, informing the king in formal writing. Jean took care of all the paperwork and stuff, he can really do anything……

“Look, if you send this letter out, you’ll no longer be lord of this place.”

Jean made one last check. Lorgo made his intentions known with a face full of hesitation.

“I can’t……be a lord, I can’t……be a nuisance to the people, I want to be friends with Yuta and the others.”

Jean nodded and handed the letter to the courier he had requested to come, paying him in advance for the delivery. The courier immediately went to the king.

I’ve heard that it’s rare for anyone to relinquish a territory, I think the king would be surprised…….

“Lorgo, we can be together forever.”

“Come on, we have to find a room for Lorgo.”

Accompanied by Nanami and Farma, Lorgo was pulled to the ride carrier…….When I saw Lorgo’s happy expression, I truly felt glad that I invited him to join the Iron Knights.

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  1. Thanks for the chapters. I feel like the empire is about to start hunting the iron knights. Plus their pow should be awake soon.

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