I was sold at the lowest price C55

I was sold at the lowest price C55

Episode 55 The Free Prisoner


I feel like I’ve been asleep for a very long time……I’m in a daze and my recent memories are fuzzy……

“Where am I?”

I look around, but I’m in a strange room, though considering that I’m sleeping in a medical capsule, it looks like I’ve been treated for injuries…….

I exited the medical capsule and tried to walk out of the room……but realized I was naked and looked around the room for clothes. At that time, there was a sound and the door of the room was opened…….It was a young man who came in.

When he saw me naked, the man looked flustered, closed his eyes and apologized.

“Sorry……! I didn’t know you were up already!”

He handed me a simple white dress without looking at me. I put it on and asked the man a question.

“Where am I?

Ride-carrier medical bay.

“What am I doing here?”

“You were badly injured. I was treating you. I’m glad to see you’re better.”

“You saved my life. I want to thank you.”

“No, we’re the ones who hurt you.”

“……Wait a minute, you said you hurt me…….?”

Those words triggered a little bit of memory…….As I recall, I was in a battle with the Beast King mercenaries…….

“Are you from the Beast King Mercenaries?”

I exclaimed, looking around the room for some kind of weapon. But the man shook his head and denied it.

“How come the name of the Beast King Mercenaries came up?”

“I was killed by the Beast King mercenary group’s magicraft…….”

“We’re the Iron Knights, why are we talking about them?”

“Iron Knights……what’s that?”

“The mercenaries, the ones who defeated you, remember!”

“……Then that golden magic machine…….?”

“That’s Vajra, my friend.”

“Fu …..okay, I understand that you Iron Knight defeated me, but I don’t know why I’m here.”

“You were badly injured and needed to be treated immediately, so you were put in a medical capsule for treatment…….”

“Wait a minute, that’s why you saved me, the enemy?”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re an enemy or not, you’re injured and it’s normal to help.”

I’m not sure I understand what this guy is saying…….Well……he saved my life and will probably get a ransom from Elysia…….

“Okay, you want a ransom…….That’s a wise decision, I’m a double Highlander, I’m sure they’ll give you a hundred or two hundred million easily.”
“Ransom? We’re not criminals, we don’t need ransom. We’re not going to hold you. You’re healed now, so you can leave anytime you want.”

What is this guy saying……that he helped the enemy without getting any benefit from it? That’s impossible…….There’s no such mercenary, there must be something more to it than that…….

“Are you hungry? If you’re going to leave here, why don’t you at least eat?”

Although I was wary of the enemy’s invitation to eat, my stomach reacted honestly…….I convinced myself that replenishing my energy here was an important act to return to my homeland, and accepted the offer.

“The Kirks Republic has been destroyed!”

As we ate, I listened to what happened after I was put into the medical capsule.

“Yes, it seems that someone from Elysia, the strongest rider on the continent, came and quickly destroyed it.”

“I don’t believe that Yuto-san is…..How did that happen? It’s impossible for Yuto-san to be in the war of a vassal state, no matter how much he wants to.”

“I don’t know about that, because as soon as we rescued you, we canceled our contract with Kirks and left the country.”

The man with the weird pointy head said indifferently as he chewed on a sausage.

“Well, I guess I’ll find out when I get back to Elysia…….But more importantly, you guys are so natural, even though you’re eating with the enemy, aren’t you wary?”

I couldn’t help but ask if it was because there were children present, or because the atmosphere was so homey.

“You said you were an enemy, but that was while you were under contract with Kirks, and now that Kirks doesn’t exist, you’re not really an enemy, are you?”

“Well, maybe it’s just a dry feeling peculiar to mercenaries, but the fact that I was defeated by one of you doesn’t go away, don’t you think I have a grudge against that person?”

When I said that, for some reason, everyone’s eyes were drawn to one girl, who got out of her seat and walked towards me.

“Gosh……I’m sorry……Nanami was desperate too…….”

With her head bowed, the girl apologized to me.

“No way……could it be that you are the rider……of that golden magicraft.”

The girl who introduced herself as Nanami gave a small nod. I was shocked……that the rider of that powerful magicraft was such a young girl.

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  1. Is it going to be that Nanami will be killed by Yuta’s bestfriend in the name of revenge then finding out that this captive was alive all along then Yuta will be on the hunt for Nanami’s killer.

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