I was sold at the lowest price C56

I was sold at the lowest price C56

Episode 56 First Feelings


It is normal to be defeated and beaten in war, and it is impossible for me, as a professional soldier, to hold a personal grudge against them……but to be beaten by a girl like this……for the first time I was shaken by an indescribable emotion.

“……fight me again!”

I said without thinking.

“What, you want to play……with Nanami?”

“Fight me in a mock battle!”

“Hey, what are you talking about? I’m not going to accept a match like that for less than a goldmine.”

The pointy-headed man interrupts the conversation, and I certainly don’t see any reason to accept such a match, but my emotions won’t stop.

“All right, I’ll pay you 500,000 gold coins just to play and another 500,000 if you beat me.”

“All right, Nanami, give her a squeeze.”

“Ew! No way…….”

The pointy head was on board, but Nanami was having difficulty, and adding more money didn’t seem to change her mind.

“Why don’t you want to fight me?”

“Because you’re strong, and I know who you are, so it’s hard to fight you.”

You can’t fight someone you know…….You’re still a kid, even for a mercenary…….

“It’s a mock battle. Don’t your friends fight each other in training?”

We do, but……you don’t have a magicraft, so how do you fight?”

“Please lend me someone’s magicraft.”

As soon as I made my request, the red-haired woman declared, “I’m not lending you my Bercya.”

The girl, who is a beastie, refuses to budge.

“I don’t want anyone to ride my Garuda.”

It’s true that for mercenaries, the magicraft is an important tool of business, and I’m well aware that they don’t borrow it……

“If it’s my Arleo, I can lend it to you, but I don’t know if you can ride it…….”

“Can I borrow it?”

“Yeah, but you probably won’t be able to ride it.”

“I’m a double Highlander, I can fly most magicrafts, so I’ll be fine!”

“But, you know, my Arleo is…….”

“Okay! If you want to use it, you can borrow it, but whether you can ride it or not, you’ll have to pay 500,000 gold coins for the loan.”

“Fine, I’ll pay you 500,000 gold coins!”

“If you can’t ride it, you lose, is that okay with you?”

“Of course. In that case, I’ll take my loss.”

“No, that’s why……Arleo is…….”

Yuta still wanted to say something, but the pointy-headed man went on and on.

“All right! Let’s get to the hangar! Nanami, you get ready!”

“No way…….”

The magicraft that was loaned to me was the white one that I saw in Chiruni. I remember it was moving well…….I can fight with this…….

I opened the hatch and got inside. Then I immediately placed my hand on the control ball and tried to activate the magicraft……

“No way…….”

The magicraft does not respond at all.

“Hey, what’s going on? Hurry up and start it up!”

I can hear the pointy-headed voice from outside. Why isn’t it working?…Don’t tell me this is a dedicated triple Highlander plane? I’ve been had! The pointy head knew I couldn’t ride it, so he gave me those conditions.

“Hey, you! You set me up!”

I yelled that at him as I opened the hatch.

“Set you up? What are you talking about?”

“This is a triple Highlander magicraft! You knew that, and that’s why you made the conditions you did…….”

“Come on, Arleo’s rider, Yuta, is not a Triple Highlander.”

“What? No way!”

“Well, why don’t you ask him what his Ludia value is?”

When I asked him, Yuta replied in a matter-of-fact manner.

“My Ludia value is ‘2’.”

“…………Are you kidding me?”

“No one believes me, but it’s true!”

It’s hard to believe that people with a single-digit Ludia value even exist, but what does it mean that I can’t even start up a magicraft that a single-digit person can use?

“Well, the match is over, 500,000 gold coins for the match, 500,000 for the victory reward, and 500,000 for the Arleo lending fee, making a total of 1.5 million gold coins.”

The pointy head said this with a smirk and a disgusting smile on his face.

“I’ll go to the nearest town and withdraw the money from the Ladl Bank.”

He was quick to act when it came to paying the bill, quickly drove us to a nearby town and dropped us off in front of a branch of a Ladl Bank.

When I entered the Ladl Bank, I handed my card to the receptionist to make a withdrawal. I decided to withdraw the money for the trip to Elysia as well, and told the receptionist that I wanted to withdraw 2 million gold coins.

“I’m sorry, but your card is no longer valid.”

“What? Why is…..invalid?”

“Your account has been frozen due to your death. Where did you get this card?”

The receptionist looked at me suspiciously…….She said I passed away…….

“Oh dear……apparently you’re supposed to be dead back home.”

That’s what the pointy-headed man said…….Maybe he was right…….What should I do? There are no facilities in Elysia this far south on the continent. It has become difficult to return to Elysia, let alone pay the 1.5 million gold……

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  1. So far, no news services have mentioned that any country was disgusted at the citizens of the Kirks Republic being killed wholesale in a big genicide purge of that country. Does that mean everyone is okay with such things?

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