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I was sold at the lowest price C58

Episode 58 Shopping Time

We came to a large city to purchase a magicraft for Emina, who joined the Iron Knights.

“A city this big probably has some double Highlander magicrafts for sale.”

“I don’t know, I suppose there are Highlander magicrafts, but there’s no general demand for double Highlander ones.”

“Merchants sell them because there are some rich collectors.”

“I’m sure you’re right, we do have a potential collector in the family.”

Certainly, Farma seems to have that quality in spades.

After going to several merchants, we finally found someone who dealt with double Highlander magicrafts.

“We do have Double Highlander’s magicrafts, go check it out.”

I went to the back and found about five magicrafts stored there.

That one and the one in the back are double Highlander-only magicrafts, both of which are top-quality products, so I recommend them, though they’re pricey.”

“Okay, Emina, since you’re using it, you get to choose.”

“What? Are you sure?”

“But! The higher the price, the higher the cost of renting the magicraft, so if you’re thinking of paying us back, I’d recommend a cheaper one, that doesn’t have to be a dedicated Double Highlander magicraft, you decide for yourself.”

“I understand that the cost of renting a magicraft will be high…….But I still want to choose one that will allow me to get the most out of it.”

Oh……Jean’s trying to get Emina to make her own choices like this so she doesn’t complain about the high cost of renting a magicraft…….

“Can I test ride it?”

When Emina said this to the merchant, he was seriously surprised.

“You’re a double Highlander! Well, that’s fine, but don’t move too hard.”

Emina tested the two dedicated double Highlander magicrafts and chose the slender, frail-looking green one.

“I like this one, it has more power than it looks and it’s very maneuverable.”

“This is Artemis, a magicraft that specializes in mobility with a startup Ludia value of 21,000, maximum output of 2 million, armor B rank, mobility SS rank. It is capable of stealthy actions that make it difficult for the enemy to find you.”

“That’s quite an amazing ability, so I’m guessing the price must be high as well?”

Jean asked the merchant in a deliberate tone.

“No, it’s a good magicraft, but there’s not much demand for it, so I’d say 200 million.”

“200 million…….At that price, it must have been sitting in this warehouse for a long time without a buyer.”

It seems that Jean’s point was right on the money, and the merchant’s expression changed abruptly.

“Yes……it’s certainly hard to sell, but you know it’s a bargain compared to how well it performs.”

“Magicrafts are expensive to maintain. If it’s been unsold for years, it must have costed a lot of money, right? If you don’t sell it soon, it’s going to become unprofitable and you’re going to have to take it off the market…….”

It seemed that Jean was the better merchant, and the negotiations were led by him from start to finish, resulting in the price of 200 million dropping by half to 100 million.

“Okay, I got it! Emina, can you get in and carry me to the ride carrier?”

Thus, we were able to purchase a dedicated double Highlander magicraft for an unbelievable price of 100 million.

We finished our shopping, but Liza wanted to buy some parts for her magicraft, so we went to the magicraft market.

“Ten blocks of magnetite, fifteen blocks of tektite, and three dozen nanotubes and elemental rope.”

“That’ll be 32 million gold.”

“Jean, pay him.”

“Oh, come on, Liza, do you really need these?”

“I bought them because I needed them. Now pay up.”

“……here’s 32 million.”

When I asked her about it, she replied……

“You can’t bargain for materials because the market is fixed.”

Well, that’s how it works……

“Isn’t that the latest Bow Gun Launcher?”

Emina said excitedly to Liza in front of one of the weapon shops.

“Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s a high-powered, rapid-fire, automatic-loading system, but I hear it’s as powerful as the Arrow at that size.”

“I want to equip my Artemis with it.”

“I don’t mind, but, Jean, what are you going to do? It’s going to cost 50 million.”

“50 million for a weapon……is fine, but the rental fee will be high, so be prepared.”

This is a good thing for Jean, who wants to put Emina in debt…….He seemed to agree reluctantly, but there was a smile on his face. This means that Emina will be unable to return to her country…….

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