I was sold at the lowest price C60

I was sold at the lowest price C60

Episode 60 Fierce Battle in the Sauna


“Alana, this is your first time in a sauna, right?”

“It’s my first time, but it’s only hot, right? I don’t mind the heat. I can handle it in the summer.”

“No, it’s not the same as summer heat. You have to be prepared for it.”

“Well, even so, I think I can beat that gutless young lady.”

“The rules are simple: two-on-two deathmatch, we enter the sauna at the same time and the last team standing wins. The loser does whatever the winner says.”

“If you lose, I’ll make you dance naked.”

“Huh, that’s my line. If you lose, you’ll have to get down on your knees.”

I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be on my knees, but I braced myself to not lose.

Me, Alana, Linnecarlo and Arthur entered the sauna at the same time as the start signal. The moment we entered, an intense heat enveloped our bodies.

“Alana, it’s cooler down there, so let’s go to the bottom.”


We whispered to each other and sat down in the lowest seats. Linnecarlo and Arthur didn’t know it and moved to the top seats.

“Hmmm………sitting down like that……..Your deep-rooted servility is evident in your actions.”

She seemed to be very confident, but within five minutes, her relaxed expression had disappeared and she was sweating and breathing heavily.

“Hmm, I’ve reached my limit. You have to stay until the end!”

“Yes……okay, leave it to me!”

With that, Linnecarlo ran out of the sauna. As expected, the young lady dropped out quickly, but she didn’t think much of the handsome man who accompanied her…….Arthur……who is enduring the heat with a great deal of huffing and puffing, is ruined.

“What’s the matter Arthur……have you reached your limit?”

“Don’t……call me Arthur, you lowlife!”

“What do you want me to call you?”

”Mister Arthur!”

“Well, Arthur. Arthur.”

“Why do you have to say it twice?”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

“You’re so red, you look like you’re about to pass out. Are you okay, Arthur?”

“Huh…….I’d be lying if I said I was fine…….If I said I was at my limit, it would be taken as weakness…….But! I’m not going to get out of here before you do, for Linnecarlo sake!”

The moment he shouted that……Arthur collapsed and fainted on the spot…….Of course, Arthur was taken out of the sauna by the doctor, and we won the sauna endurance battle.

“You better not think you’ve won……”

“No, in reality, we won.”

“It’s……a three-round game! We only lost the first round!”

“So what’s the second round?”

“It’s a……breath-hold contest! You dive into the bath and whoever can stay in there the longest wins!”

It was already a hassle, so I accepted the challenge.

“Yuta…….holding his breath…..is good at……”

I’m not particularly good at it, so I let Lorgo play the game for me.

As a result, Linnecarlo gave up after about 20 seconds, and Arthur tried his best for two minutes, but he fainted and came back to the surface. He was taken away by the doctor again.

“……it’s not over yet! Let’s do the third round!”

“There’s no need for a third round!”

“In the third round, the points are tripled! So whoever wins this one wins!”

“What do you mean, “points”?”

“Just do it, it’s the third round!”

It’s a real pain in the……ass, and it doesn’t seem to matter what I say, I’m going to accept the third round.

“You know, you’ve been a complete mess for a while now, maybe you should start playing to your strengths.”

I kindly told her so, because if she loses at something she’s good at, even this arrogant young lady will have to admit defeat.

“The thing I’m best at……Are you suggesting that I compete in the thing I’m best at?”

“Yes, it would be quicker.”

“Hmmm……you’re going to regret those words…..because in the thing I’m best at, I don’t need to compete, the outcome is already decided…….”

“Just say it and I’ll accept whatever you want.”

I said that because I felt like I could beat the naive young lady at anything, but what Linnecarlo was good at was something I hadn’t expected.

“I’m best at magicrafts, the third round will be a magicrafts match!”

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