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I was sold at the lowest price C61

Episode 61 Thunder Emperor


It was good that Linnecarlo and I decided to have a magicraft match, but everyone else didn’t want to leave yet because they hadn’t enjoyed the Oed Spa, well, I still wanted to stay here too, so I told the lady that the magicraft match would have to wait until tomorrow.

“Okay, but we’re going to have to stay with you to make sure you don’t run away.”

So we decided to have a drink after the bath, and for some reason we ended up at a food stall area where you can enjoy food and drinks from all over the world.

“Who are these people who are gobbling up the food I ordered as if it’s theirs?”

Jean looks at Linnecarlo and Arthur and asks.

“They’re going to have a magicraft contest with us tomorrow, so they’re accompanying us until then to make sure we don’t run away.”

“A magicraft game? What the hell are you doing playing a game that’s not even worth one gold?”

Jean lamented in exasperation.

“What are the rules for tomorrow’s magicraft game? We don’t really care what the rules are, but…”

When Alana spoke to her, Linnecarlo replied as she gobbled down her meal with a vigor that you wouldn’t expect from a young lady.

“Oh, you’re so confident, you think you can win under any rules?”

“I’m confident I can beat you no matter what the rules are, so I’ll take you on in whatever you are good at.”

“Are you all riders? If that’s the case, I’d be happy to take on all of you by myself.”

“Well……that’s interesting……but I’m not into a lot of people messing with one person, and since there’s two of you, we’ll just have a normal two-on-two match.”

“You’ll regret it. I hope you don’t end up wishing you’d all fought together later.”

Linnecarlo seemed pretty confident, but we have a triple Highlander, Nanami, and two double Highlanders, so I don’t think there’s any way we can lose, but her confidence was really bothering me.

“Miss Linnecarlo, do you really intend to fight an equal match with such a lowly man? You’re playing around too much, there’s no way he can win.”

Arthur advises that as if he was a fan of Linnecarlo, but it’s hard to hear that we’re not a match for her. However, the moment they heard Linnecarlo’s name, the reaction of Alana and the others changed at once.

“Wait a minute! Oh……are you the Thunder Emperor Linnecarlo?”

Alana raised her voice in deep surprise.

“Oh, you know my name, then you know who you recklessly challenged.”

“Huh? What’s the matter, is Linnecarlo famous?”

I asked Jean in a dumb tone, and he muttered a few words with sweat pouring down his forehead.

“She’s one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters……. “

“What is that?”

“It’s the collective name for the top twelve strongest riders on the continent, including Yuto-san from my home country of Elysia and the strongest mercenary, Sword Saint Veft.”

It seemed they were very famous, and Emina explained it to me right away.

“What do you say? I can change it to all of you now.”

She said this with a relaxed expression on her face, and I flatly replied.

“Keep it that way. Let’s play two against two.”

When Linnecarlo heard this, she looked surprised…….

“Have you been listening to me? I am the Thunder Emperor Linnecarlo, one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters.”

“I don’t care if you’re strong or famous, I don’t want to play a game where a bunch of people are ganging up on one person! If we’re going to fight, let’s do it on even terms!”

“You’re a funny guy…….I like you, I’ll ask your name.”

“I’m Yuta”

“Yuta……I’ll remember that name.”

“Miss Linnecarlo, you don’t have to remember the names of those lowlifes…….”

“Arthur, shut your mouth!”

Afterwards, after a lot of drinking and eating, Linnecarlo and Arthur said they were going back to their own ride carriers and left.

“Ah! They made us pay for the food here!”

“I’ll be waiting for her tomorrow…….I didn’t notice that she left so brazenly.”

“Well, I’ll meet her tomorrow, so why don’t you bill her then?”

“If we lose the fight, they’re going to bury the hatchet…….Yuta! You better win tomorrow!”

“What? I’m supposed to fight?”

“Unfortunately, the only one who has a chance against Linnecarlo is Yuta, so I think Yuta should fight her too.”

Emina, who was listening to the conversation, asked in surprise.

“Wait a minute, isn’t Nanami the strongest member of the Iron Knights?”

“Yuta is stronger than Nanami, he even beat Nanami, he’s probably the strongest of the bunch.”

Sure, I’ve beaten Nanami in mock battles, but I don’t know what would happen if we fought for real…….

“Ludia value 2 Yuta is the strongest…….This is getting more and more confusing…….”

“You’re an idiot, no one believes Yuta’s Ludia value is 2.”

“Yes, I too believe that it definitely has at least as much Ludia value as a triple Highlander.”

Jean and Alana still seem to be suspicious of my Ludia value.

“I was actually planning on going to measure Yuta’s Ludia value tomorrow, but you accepted a strange match…….”

Apparently, according to Jean’s schedule, tomorrow was the day to measure my Ludia value. Well, I’m not interested, so I don’t really care…….

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