I was sold at the lowest price C62

I was sold at the lowest price C62

Episode 62 Duel in the Canyon

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The location of the fight with Linnecarlo was in a canyon some distance from the city. Even if we fought a little harder here, it would not be a nuisance.

“Oh, I’m impressed you didn’t just run away.”

“Of course! You’re going to pay for the food and drinks yesterday!”

It seems that the cost of food and drink is more important to Jean…….

“Huh……fine I’ll pay if you beat me.”

When Linnecarlo said this with a relaxed expression, Alana pointed out bluntly.

“It’s a sure thing…….We’re going to win today’s game and make yesterday’s food and drink bill disappear.”

I’m concerned about the fact that we’re talking about paying for food and drinks, but a fight is a fight, let’s be serious.

It was going to be a two-on-two fight, with Linnecarlo and Arthur on the other side, and me and Nanami on this side.

When Linnecarlo and Arthur appeared in their magicrafts, Farma was impressed.

“It’s the magicraft Sentor……and the magicraft Odin……I’m happy to see two very rare magicrafts at the same time……”

Arthur’s magicraft had a slightly unusual appearance, with a lower body shaped like a horse, similar to the imaginary race of centaurs that appear in fantasy games. His weapon is a long, thick spear……like those held by medieval knights is held in his right hand and in the left hand he has a small shield.

Linnecarlo’s magicraft has a solid body shape with black and yellow coloring, and although it doesn’t look like it moves very fast, it does look powerful. Her weapon, however, is a cane-like object with a long stick decorated with a large jewel on the end, and I can’t imagine how it would be used.

“What do you want, two against two at the same time, or one against one, in order?”

“I don’t want to make a mess, so let’s fight one on one, in order.”

“Okay, then Arthur will be the first one to go.”

“Nanami, you want to go first?”

“Yeah, Nanami’s got it.”

So the first battle was a one-on-one between Nanami and Arthur.

All right, then, I’ll be the referee, and when I give the signal the battle will begin.

Jean calls out over the ride carrier’s external output sound device.

After some distance, Nanami’s Vajra and Arthur’s Sentor stared at each other……in silence, and then Jean’s call to begin sounded.


The first to move was Arthur’s Sentor, who rushed towards Nanami’s Vajra…What was surprising was his speed: his horse-like appearance was no mean feat, and he approached Nanami at once.

His speed was then she had imagined, and Nanami had to use her shield to block him. Sentor’s spear and Nanami’s shield collided violently, and Nanami’s Vajra was blown backwards by the tremendous power of the spear with the added force of the charge.



“Nanami, be careful! Sentor ramming force is powerful enough to deal a fatal blow to a triple Highlander!”

Farma tells her in a loud voice.

“Well, you did a better job than I expected of blocking Arthur’s Sentor’s thrust, I wonder if you’re as powerful as a triple Highlander.”

Linnecarlo spoke over the external output sound of her magicraft.

Before Vajra could stand up, Sentor spun around to get some distance again……and when he was within a certain distance, he accelerated and executed a second lunge towards Vajra.

However, perhaps it was her innate sense, but the same attack did not work on Nanami twice. She dodged the charge by the slimmest of margins, and spun around to cut off one of Sentor’s legs with her sword…


After one of his front legs was cut off, Sentor lost his balance and slumped forward.

“How did you know that Sentor’s weakness was his legs? With the loss of one of his legs, Sentor can no longer charge.”

Sentor managed to get up, but he could barely keep his balance. Vajra approached Sentor and cut off his remaining front leg.

Sentor lost both his legs and was unable to stand up, so the fight ended there.

“Nanami wins.”

Jean declared and the first round ended.

“How dare you, Arthur, think that you can be my knight in shining armor?”

“I’m……sorry Miss Linnecarlo……”

“Well, that’s okay, I was planning on fighting alone from the start, so no problem.”

Looking at the current battle, Linnecarlo’s voice didn’t sound anxious or upset. The fact that she didn’t even waver against the triple Highlander Nanami was eerie.

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