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I was sold at the lowest price C63

Episode 63 Lightning Strike


Arthur and Nanami’s fight was over, so Nanami continued to fight with Linnecarlo.

“I’ll have it done in no time. Let’s get started.”

“She said she’d get it done in no time…… Nanami, be careful, she’s strong!”

“I know, you’re strong enough to deserve respect, but I’m going to show you that there are some things in this world that can’t be overcomed with a little strength.”

As in the earlier battle, Nanami and Linnecarlo glanced at each other a little……and then Jean called out for the battle to begin.


Unlike earlier, Nanami moved forward with her……shield in front of her, ready for Linnecarlo’s attack, which began at the same time as the start signal.

“Nanami, be careful! There’s a rumor that Linnecarlo’s Odin has an unidentified long-range attack!”

Alana advises her. What does unidentified mean? I thought so, but I soon saw it – just as I thought Odin had pointed his staff at Nanami’s Vajra, there was a powerful flash of light and Nanami’s shield was blown away. The arm that held the shield was also torn to shreds, and Vajra had been severely damaged by the blow.

“I couldn’t see anything…….”

Nanami was puzzled, but did not give up on the game. She lowered her stance and approached Linnecarlo’s Odin……A flash of something struck Nanami, but she avoided it by a paper-thin margin. Then Odin was within Vajra’s attack range, and Nanami tried to pierce it’s head with her sword……Odin grabbed Vajra’s right arm, which was holding the sword.

“It’s been a long time since anyone got this close to me. You’re strong enough, you should be proud of yourself.”

The moment Linnecarlo said this, a dazzling flash of light shone, and Vajra’s head had been blown off…….As it was, Vajra slowly collapsed to his knees.

“The winner is Linnecarlo…….”

” Ahhhh! What a way to break it…….It’s going to be hard to fix…….”

Liza blurted out, but I’m more surprised by the outcome of the match, triple highlander Nanami lost so one-sidedly…….

“Well, now it’s your turn, Yuta, since you’ve made me learn your name, let me have a little fun with you.”

Okay, let’s do it. I don’t know how far I can go, but I’ll give it my all!

“Yuta, how are you going to prevent Odin from attacking like that?”

Alana asked me, but I didn’t know what to do either…….Then I looked over and saw the shield that Nanami’s Vajra was equipped with. The shield was blown off, but looking at it, the shield itself was not damaged……If I hold the shield tightly; I can block that attack…….

“Nanami, may I borrow Vajra’s shield and sword?”

“Yeah, sure, take care of Nanami’s enemies.”

“I’m on it.”

I replied lightly to Nanami and equipped myself with Vajra’s shield and sword.

“How long do you think that’ll hold?”

“No, I’m going to win.”

“If you beat me, you’re strong enough to be one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters.”

“I don’t know how great that is…….I just heard the term “Twelve Heavenly Masters” yesterday.”

“Your ignorance is nothing to brag about, then you can taste the power of the Twelve Heavenly Masters for yourself now.”

As she said this, Linnecarlo naturally kept her distance…….I guess she’s not so good at close combat…….

“Okay, so it’s the final round, and whoever wins this one wins the game, so don’t complain.”

Jean reminded her.


As soon as the signal was given, I quickly set up my shield in preparation for Odin’s long-range attack.

For a moment, I saw Linnecarlo’s face, which I shouldn’t have been able to see…….She was smiling weirdly.

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  1. It seems strange to me that Yuta doesn't inquire or research what types of moves, attacks, and defenses the Twelve masters use and do. The author could at least have the MC and his friends have a little planning, caution, and curiousity about their opponents. But everything continues to be happy-go-lucky despite the repair + maintenance costs in damaged equipment and consumables.

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