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I was sold at the lowest price C64: Full Force Mode


I waited for Linnecarlo to make her move…….Odin’s staff was pointed at me, and I strengthened my grip on the shield……I thought during the battle with Nanami, Odin’s attacks seemed to have a slight time lag between them, so once I’ve blocked the first attack, I can approach her and set the pace of the fight.

Zoom! The mysterious sound that I heard in the battle with Nanami rang out…Instantly, I felt a strong impact on the hand holding the shield.

“Damn it!”

It was quite a shock, but I think I managed to block it…….I was about to sprint towards her before the next blow came.

“Oh dear, I’m sorry you thought I couldn’t attack you in rapid succession.”

Reacting to Linnecarlo’s words, I quickly readied my shield again. Instantly, an incomparably strong impact struck Arleo.


Incredibly, the shield I was holding was blown to pieces – when I looked at Odin, the staff in his hand was still pointing in my direction. I felt that I was in trouble and immediately took evasive action by rolling forward to the right.

Thud! There was a cracking sound like a thunderbolt, and the ground in my location was gouged out. It was a very powerful attack, and I couldn’t predict what would happen to even the sturdy Arleo if he took a direct hit.

There was no shield to block the attack, so I had to avoid the attack by looking……in the direction of Odin’s staff and anticipating the attack. I looked at it, and for some reason the cane was pointing down…….I think I can get close to her now…….I took my chance and started running.

However, it seems that it was a trap. Suddenly, a buzzing sound like static electricity began to rumble around him, and then there was a crunching sound like a thunderbolt, which impacted Arleo.


What’s with the lightning attack that just……struck the entire surrounding area?

“It’s really amazing that you can withstand Tempest……it’s impossible to avoid Tempest, which is a ranged attack that hits a wide area, I can’t wait to see how many shots you can take”

Ranged attack, that’s a foul play…….

I hear the same crackling sound as before, like static electricity around me…….It seems that it’s not a lie that it’s a ranged attack, and if I look closely I can see small lightning bolts all around me. Then there was a crunching sound like a thunderbolt, and I was shocked. Damn……no……I’m gonna get hit if I don’t……what am I supposed to do……

“Yuta! You forgot to concentrate your Ludia!”

I huffed at the sound of Alana’s voice. That’s right, I hadn’t had a chance to fight any strong enemies lately, so I forgot.

“Wait, you’re lying…….You endured Tempest without even concentrating your Ludia?”

Linnecarlo was more than a little surprised by Alana’s words.

“I won’t let you concentrate your Ludia now!”

I can’t even avoid her attack……This is why I put my left hand out in front of me and caught Linnecarlo’s attack with my hand – a strong discharge of electricity overlapped, and Arleo’s left hand was blown off.


I’ve lost my left hand and I’m in a desperate situation……but with this blow, something has changed in me…..I’ve lost the thread of tension, or rather, I’ve entered a strange state of relaxation, and that state led me into a state of concentration.

“There’s a pale aura around Arleo…….”

“Looks like Yuta’s entered a concentration state.”

Alana replied to Emina’s words.

“What……is that pale aura……?”

Linnecarlo seemed surprised to see this scene.

I’m slowly approaching Linnecarlo……

“There’s no point in trying to deceive me with your strange……tricks!”

Then she pointed her staff at me and fired an attack…….I avoided it by a thin margin. As I continued to dodge the attacks, Linnecarlo pointed her staff downward, ready for a ranged attack.

“The Tempest is unavoidable!”

She certainly thought it was impossible to avoid, but my senses told me that I didn’t need to avoid it.

The sound of a thunderbolt was heard then she attacked. However, when the attack touched Arleo’s pale aura, it was repelled with a sizzling sound.

“No way! I can’t believe you just repelled Tempest!”

Because it is a ranged attack, Tempest’s attack power is scattered and weak. That’s why it doesn’t seem to work against Arleo, who is in a state of Ludia concentration right now.

“Triple Lightning, then!”

Then Linnecarlo pointed her staff at me……I held up my magic bullet……and released it just as Linnecarlo released her lightning bolt. The magic bullet scattered the oncoming thunderbolts and blew away Odin’s right shoulder.


I approached Odin, who had lost his balance, and swung my sword at him, sending his head flying…

“It’s over! Yuta wins!”

Jean declared as he saw that Odin was out of action.

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