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I was sold at the lowest price C65

Episode 65 New Client


“Please don’t add more……work by destroying not only……Vajra, but also Arleo like that.”

Liza tells me in a sincerely disgusted tone.

“That’s the man I’m in love with, he really defeated the Thunder Emperor!”

Alana praised me.

“Hey, who are you really! You’re dealing with one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters! What’s with that last attack, it doesn’t make any sense!”

Emina asks me this as she shakes me, but I don’t know how to explain it, so I just have to keep quiet and let her shake me. Linnecarlo got off the magicraft and approached us…….I thought she would be depressed because she lost, but…..

“It’s quite a feat to draw against me.”

“What? I won the fight.”

“What are you talking about, I was still able to fight but your buddy just stopped the fight on his own, that’s invalid. So this fight is a draw.”

“Yes, it’s funny that the judge is one of the parties in the first place, you lowlifes!”

Arthur agrees with Linnecarlo. You should have told me that first…….

“But! A draw against me is a great thing, and in recognition of that result, I’m going to hire you.”

“What do you mean,”hire”?”

“You’re mercenaries, right? That’s why I’m saying I’ll hire you.”

“Wait a minute, don’t decide on your own, do you even have the money to hire us in the first place?”

Jean pointed out that he thought it was contradictory that someone who didn’t want to pay for food and drinks would hire mercenaries.

“Hmmm……you don’t seem to know that I have another identity other than the Thunder Emperor Linnecarlo.”

Before Linnecarlo could tell us who she was, Alana started to explain first.

“As the third princess of the Kingdom of Meltaria, she is the commander of the Meltarian army and the magicraft unit. In the war with the neighboring Drakia Empire, it is said that the number of enemy magicrafts that have been destroyed is in the hundreds, and the neighboring countries fear her as the God of Destruction…….As a female rider, I know a little about her.”

“Oh, you’re very knowledgeable. But that’s not the latest information, I’m no longer the commander of the magicraft unit.”

“You’re not a commander and you’re hiring us.”

“I’m hiring you as the third princess, and as royalty, at least I have the money to pay you.”

“Hmph, yeah, but we’re more expensive than most mercenaries.”

Probably because he missed out on making money in Kirks, Jean seems to be blowing it with Linnecarlo.

“I’ve seen what you can do, and I understand that you need to be paid a lot of money. 300 million……for a three month contract is a good price.”

“Hmm, sorry, but that still won’t move us.”

“Then I’ll pay you 500 million, you can’t complain about this amount.”

“You’re a pretty good negotiator, princess. I can’t believe you raised your offer so much in one shot and left no room for negotiation. What do you think, Yuta? I think it’s not a bad price.”

If the amount is reasonable, I see no reason to refuse…….

“Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a bad deal, we’ll take it.”

I saved myself the trouble of looking for a client, so I’m happy with the result.

“But, princess, how dare you, a royal, be so stingy with the cost of food and drinks?”

In response to Jean’s question, Arthur excitedly explained.

“We originally came to the city in search of mercenaries but Miss Linnecarlo gambled away all the money we brought.”

No, I don’t think it’s a reason to be proud of…….

“Don’t worry, you’ll have the money when I get back home. I’ll pay for your food and drinks.”

In response, Emina voiced her doubts.

“I’m more interested in the reason why Princess Linnecarlo, who is so strong, needs mercenaries.”

It’s true that if you’re that strong, you don’t need to hire mercenaries…….

“I’ll tell you more about it later, it’s not something I want to ramble on about here.”

Thus, the next job of the Iron Knights was decided.

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  1. Thank you KingPen for the sponsors ~I'm guessing they're fighting against another of the Twelve Heavenly Masters… and Linnecarlo needs to focus on that person, so they are hiring mercenaries to fight…Thanks for the chapter ~

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