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I was sold at the lowest price C66

I was sold at the lowest price C66: Alliance Negotiations / Nagisa


The royal capital of the Emou Kingdom, Ruhrbul, we came to this country to form an alliance with the Emou Kingdom.

“I’ll talk to King Emou first, and you wait here father.”

“But, Ranelle, if I, the king, don’t go, there can be no negotiation.”

“What if father offends King Emou by suddenly visiting him? I’ll go settle things first, and then you can negotiate in earnest.”

“Mm…..well, then I guess I’ll let you do that.”

Although it seemed a little unclear, the king, who trusted his daughter, listened to Ranelle’s words honestly.

As an official envoy of the Union of Eastern Nations, King Emou did not refuse to meet with her. The visit went smoothly, and she was promised a meeting, but for some reason I had to be present at the meeting. I can understand why Delphine would be present as an escort, but I don’t understand why I would be there.

“King Emou is waiting for you in the audience chamber. Please come with me.”

One of the guards led us to the audience chamber.

“You must be Princess Ranelle, it’s been a long time since we’ve met……though the last time I saw you, you were such a small child you wouldn’t remember me.”

King Emou called out to her as soon as she entered the audience chamber. Ranelle didn’t seem to remember and she faked it with a bitter smile.

“My mother has told me that King Emou has been a great help to us…….”

“Ruriha told you that story. Well, sit down and let’s talk.”

He seems like a very friendly and nice person…….I wonder how the king could have fallen out with such a nice person…….King Emou has a very kind smile……it’s like……no, now is not the time to think about that.

“How long has it been since Ruriha died?”

“Five years…….”

“……she was a truly beautiful and wonderful person…….”

Oh yeah……Ranelle’s mom passed away…….Sure, she was mentioned in passing, but I never saw her.

“So, King Emou, let’s get down to business……”

“Oh, right, you’re visiting as ambassadors for the Union of Eastern Nations, aren’t you?”

“Yes……. In fact, the relationship between the Union of Eastern Nations and the Ruja Empire is deteriorating…….In order to restrain the Ruja Empire, we want to establish an alliance with the Emou Kingdom.”

“I see……”

“Is there any chance you’ll think about it?

“An alliance with the Union of Eastern Nations is 100 % unlikely. That much I can tell you…….”

“One hundred percent! How can that be……”

“It’s simple. I don’t trust the Union of Eastern Nations as an organization.”

“However, the Kingdom of Emou is hostile to the Ruja Empire, and if there is a mutual interest……Being allied with someone you don’t trust is detrimental, even if they are your enemy’s enemy.”

“Why is it so hard to trust them?”

“Princess Ranelle, you already know that some countries have left the Union of Eastern Nations, don’t you?”

“Yes…….Four countries have left.”

“Do you know why?”

“It was a plot of the Ruja Empire.”

“That’s true, but how much damage can the Ruja Empire do in such a short period of time?”

“So……what do you mean by that?”

“It’s impossible to do that without having collaborators within the Union of Eastern Nations…….I’m sure those collaborators are still working to break it apart.”

“No way!”

“Are you saying it’s impossible that the Union of Eastern Nations was so solid that it could be trusted?” 

Ranelle’s face changes, as if she has an idea……

“You see, there can be no such thing as an alliance with such an organization, because there are no advantages, only disadvantages.”

Ranelle couldn’t say anything more…….I’m sure it’s a very good motive, but I don’t like the look on King Emou’s face when he talked about the Union of Eastern Nations. He had such a kind smile on his face……I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

“Then why not form an alliance with the Kingdom of Amuria?”

“You’re suddenly……saying that Emou and Amuria should form an alliance? I’m sorry, but that’s not possible. The countries are too different in size.”

“But Amuria is a trustworthy country, and you know that better than anyone!”

“Hey, Nagisa! What are you talking about!”

Ranelle stilled at me, but I didn’t stop speaking.

“Ranelle’s mother……No, King Emou had a very kind expression on his face when he was talking about Ruriha! That’s the kind look you get when you’re thinking of someone you love! How can you not trust a country that had a loved one……and a daughter of a loved one!”

“Nagisa! You’re being rude to King Emou! Apologize!”

Ignoring Ranelle’s words, I continued to say more……But why am I so angry……

“What about you, King Emou? Is what I’m saying wrong?”

“I wonder why women are so good at seeing through the essence of things…Indeed, I loved Ruriha, she is still the most important woman in my life. Ruriha’s daughter in Ruriha’s country?……Surely I can trust her… Fine, I’ll make an alliance with Amuria, that idiot Majni is here with you, right? You can call him here so we can formalize our alliance.”

Ranelle was surprised when she heard those words…….I didn’t expect it to work out this way either, so I was lost in thought for a while.

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  1. Schadows

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Damn, I just caught up with the chapters, so it’s the first time I had to read one about the others characters. As usual in this kind of story, the chapters about the non-protagonist characters are just boring as hell. I had the luxury to simply skip them while I was reading all the previous one, but now, the waste of time is painful T__T

  2. You took the woman I loved? I hate you for it!
    You want me to form an alliance with you? No!

    You want me to form an alliance with the country in which the daughter of the woman I loved lives? Yes! But of course!

    … Why do I feel ike a /s is missing somewhere in there

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