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I was sold at the lowest price C68

I was sold at the lowest price C68: The Royal Palace Conspiracies


After three days of travel, we arrived at the royal capital of the Meltaria Kingdom. We parked the ride-carrier in a vacant lot near the royal palace, and we headed for the palace on foot.

“In the meantime, Yuta, Jean, and Alana, please come with me so that I can introduce you to the people in the palace.”

“What, do we really need to make them aware of that?”

“We can’t have unknown persons wandering around the palace.”

That’s true so Linnecarlo took us to a certain room in the royal palace.

“There’s a meeting going on right now with all the major players to discuss the throne, so we should head there.”

“No, I don’t think a mercenary is allowed to show up at a meeting like that.”

I told Linnecarlo that because I felt it was out of place…….

“I don’t care, most of the people there are my enemies, so I don’t need to worry about them.”

We care…….

As expected, the people in the room reacted in a blatantly unpleasant manner.

”What’s with those filthy people! Who gave you permission to enter this sacred round-table conference room?”

An old man with the appearance of a raccoon and the look of an evil officer shouted at us.

“It’s me, Prime Minister Brom.”

“Hmmm, Princess Linnecarlo, I’m troubled that you would bring such lowly people to this place……who are they?”

“I’ve hired these mercenaries, and they’re important guests, so please don’t be rude.”

Linnecarlo’s words were not responded to by the person called Prime Minister Brom, but by a young man nearby.

“Mercenaries……Bullshit, Linnecarlo! Are you going to ignore the previous rule that forbids the heirs to the throne from seizing control of the army to prevent civil war?”

“Oh, Brother Bildello, they are indeed mercenaries, but I only hired them to talk to me, and the proof is that there are less than ten of them, or are you so weak-minded as to fear that a single digit mercenary is an army?”

“Less than ten, even if it is……!”

Bildello words were interrupted by the figure behind him.

“Why not, Bildello? It’s just a joke from my little sister, let’s cut her some slack.”

“But, Brother Mushym…”

Oh, so this is the first prince of Mushym that Linnecarlo was talking crap about…….

“I’m not sure what a mercenary group of less than a dozen people can do, scum is scum after all.”

“We have an army of two thousand magicrafts.”

“Oh, Brother Bildello, I thought it was forbidden for the heir to the throne to seize control of the army, what do you mean by an army of two thousand magicrafts?”

“Nah……it’s nothing! I just misspoke!”

Oh, really? It’s a good thing, then, that the current commander of the magic machine unit, Cruz, is not someone under brother Mushym and he controls of the magicraft unit behind the scenes is it?”

I see. It seems that the reason why Linnecarlo was forced to resign as the commander of the magic machine unit has something to do with this area of the story.

“Well……Linnecarlo, if you’re going to go that far, you must at least have some proof…….”

“Linnecarlo! You ……”

The other party is trembling with anger and is about to grab……Linnecarlo so I unconsciously went in front of her to protect her.

“Get out of my way, mercenary, or I’ll kill you.”

“I’m not interested in sibling rivalry, but I don’t want to see a man assault a woman.”

“Hohoh……don’t think a mercenary like you can be a shield.”

When Mushym and Bildello grabbed their swords and looked like they were about to pull them out, a young man sitting at a table in the back of the room stopped them with a loud voice.

“Please stop that, this is the sacred roundtable.”

The two princes seem unable to ignore the man’s words, and their movements come to a halt.

“Hmph, we certainly can’t have the blood of the lowly staining this place.”

With that, the two men put their swords away.

Linnecarlo did not swear at the young man, but obeyed him and took a seat at the round table in a quiet manner. Who is this person that the two princes and princesses can’t ignore his words? I know he’s one of Linnecarlo’s relatives, but who is he……?

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  1. Treyon

    60 chapters in and mc has not improved at all. The ONLY value he has is his 100.002 ludua points. Nothing more. Remove that and he is just a below average person with no talent and below average IQ. At least if we has shown to be hardworking would be a good thing but he just goes along and wins all fights just because.

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