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I was sold at the lowest price C69

I was sold at the lowest price C69: The Crown Prince


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“How long are those mercenaries going to stay here?”

We stood behind Linnecarlo and watched the meeting from the sidelines and lost track of when to leave the room.

“I hope you don’t mind that he’s my escort as well.”

Apparently Linnecarlo wanted us to see this meeting, or so she said, and maintained this situation.

“Hmph, accompanying royal guards are allowed under all circumstances, but I hope they’re at least knights or regular soldiers.”

It seems that the presence of royal guards is pretty much guaranteed, and even we mercenaries were allowed to be here.

“I will now proceed with the topic of this discussion, the succession of the throne.”

When Prime Minister Brom said those words, Linnecarlo immediately spoke up.

“I don’t know if we need to discuss the succession to the throne, the crown prince has already been named, I think it’s best if Crown Prince Yudin takes over the throne.”

“Hmph, no matter whether it was Yudin who was nominated by father king, he said it in a daze on his sickbed, it’s impossible that father king really meant it!”

“Why is it impossible?”

“I am the first prince! How can I not be named the crown prince? I don’t understand why Yudin, the third prince who can’t do anything, would be nominated?”

“I think it’s just that our father had a good eye for people.”

“What the hell, Linnecarlo! Are you implying that I’m inferior to Yudin?”

“You can take it that way.”

“You can’t be so sure just because you have a slightly higher……Ludia value.”

To stop the siblings from arguing, Prime Minister Brom suggested.

“How about this, then, the Crown Prince or the First Prince succession to the throne will be decided by voting.”

Linnecarlo reacted strongly to Prime Minister Brom’s words.

“I disagree! The will of the king is absolute, the Crown Prince should be the king!”

“I say the will of the king is questionable! I vote yes on the voting resolution!”

Mushym wants to be king so badly that he agrees to the idea himself.

“I agree with you, it is Mushym who is fit to be king.”

Bildello followed Mushym and argued in favor.

“Well, well, well, ladies and gentlemen, then, let those of us gathered here vote on the pros and cons of the resolution to vote for the throne.”

When Prime Minister Brom said this, most of the people present raised their hands.

“It has been decided that the succession to the throne will be decided by vote.”

Linnecarlo looked very grim, but said nothing more…….

It was decided that the voting resolution would take place in ten days, and that the voting would be carried out by the five dukes and the four adult members of the royal family, excluding the parties concerned.

“It’s all going as I expected. If this continues, Mushym will become king.”

“But according to what you just said, it will be decided by a vote. I don’t think it means that Mushym will definitely be the king.”

“You’re an idiot, Yuta. Votes for the country’s top officials are usually decided before they’re even held because there’s already some sort of faction.”

“Jean is right, of the four royals who are entitled to vote, the second prince, Bildello, and the second princess, Linda, will definitely vote for Mushym, since they are at Mushym’s beck and call. And of the five dukes Brom, the vizier, and Duke Karon, Mushym’s father-in-law will vote for him as well. The Duke of Holomel, who has business interests with Mushym, is also expected to vote for Mushym.”

“That’s five votes. I guess he already won.”

“I think the other side knew that, so they made sure it would be that kind of vote.”

Jean’s words seemed to be what Linnecarlo and Alana were thinking as well, and the air in the room dulled.

“You must have an idea, Linnecarlo.”

Linnecarlo answered Alana’s question with a blank look on her face.

“Honestly, at this point, the only people who are certain to vote for Crown Prince Yudin are I and First Princess Rhydiria. However, the two dukes……Duke Leydemarte and Duke Barelma, do not think well of Mushym, and if persuaded, they should vote for Yudin.”

“That’s still one vote short.”

“Yes, so we really need to take one of their votes away from them.”

“Are you trying to convince the second princess or the second prince?”

“No, those two are just like the Mushym. They are scum who think that everyone but royalty is insects and the people are slaves. They think that if Mushym becomes king, they will be able to do whatever they want and they will not turn to us.”

“That would make it one of the three dukes.”

“The Duke of Caron, Mushym’s father-in-law, is out of the question, and Prime Minister Brom, who has been his educator since he was a child and considers Mushym like his own son, is also not going to turn to us, so the target is…….”

“I see. Greed for greed.”

Alana said, as if she understood the whole story so far.

“Yes, the Duke of Holomel, with whom he only has a business interest, would turn to us if we offered him more beneficial terms.”

I know what you’re talking about, but what exactly are we, the Iron Knights, going to do? I’m starting to get worried because I feel like I’m getting caught in the royal family turmoil.

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