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I was sold at the lowest price C73

Episode 73 Defense Completed


I boarded Arleo and confronted the twelve executioners…

“I am the Kingdom’s SS, Captain Bilkea, Ludia value 18,000, and I shall demonstrate by my power the legitimacy of this sentence! Defending attorney, identify yourself by name and show your intent!”

I don’t know, maybe it’s a kind of self-introduction, I had no choice but to say the same thing.

“I am Yuta of the Iron Knights! I will demonstrate their innocence with my power!”

“What are you talking about? With a Ludia value of 2, you can’t even move a toy! How can you ride a magicraft?”

It doesn’t matter what they say……but this time there was a guy there who knew my Ludia value, Mikage followed the captain.

“Captain, what I’m saying is true, I can assure you, I was there when it was measured.”

“What the hell, Mamoru?……If you say so, it must be like that. But a Ludia value of 2 is …… if that’s true, what are we going to fight now, it’s not even a battle.”

“Huh…….I don’t care what the Ludia value is! Take him down!”

Mushym seems to be short-tempered, and he doesn’t want to watch such an exchange, so he tells them to start fighting right away.

“Then let’s hear the arguments, counsel, upon the signal begin your plea.”

The official in the center of the room was holding a yellow flag, which would probably start the battle when it was waved.

The yellow flag was waved and at that moment, the magicrafts of the executioners started to move all at once. I raised my right hand to the captain’s magicraft, pointed my magic bullet at it, and fired it at his neck.

Whoo! The captain’s magicraft neck was blown off; he fell to his knees and collapsed on the spot. The other enforcers stopped moving, staring at the captain’s broken magicraft, as if they couldn’t understand what had happened, and I took advantage of the opportunity to accelerate and close the distance to Mikage’s magicraft.

Mikage was also shocked that the captain’s magicraft was disabled by a single magic bullet and he couldn’t react quickly enough when I approached. I hit the defenseless Mikage with the tonfa and the body of the magicraft dented. He collapsed backwards with a thud.

After the Mikage was defeated, the other enforcers finally cooled down and attacked. First, I destroyed the head of the magicraft that attacked me with the sword by poking it with the tonfa, then I avoided the attack of the enemy who attacked me from behind with a large axe and blew its head off by hitting it while spinning.

I hit the leg of an enemy magicraft approaching from the right to stop it from moving, and then I crush the head of the enemy plane with a knee kick as it gets into a low stance.

After twisting my body to avoid the simultaneous attacks of the two magicrafts, I blow off the head of one with my right tonfa as I thrust it up from below like a boxing uppercut, and rotate the tonfa in my left hand to deliver a powerful blow to the body of the other.

Having defeated the Highlander, which was the main force at first, the remaining enforcers were slowed down by fear and agitation – normally they would be able to fight a little more, but they feared the enemy and were rushing in without coordination.

While moving, I rotate my body and swing my tonfa to destroy more and more enemy magicrafts that come near me……The next thing I knew, there was only one enemy left. The last one has already lost its will to fight and is only slowly falling back, not willing to attack. I think the battle has already been decided, but I thought it would never end if I didn’t defeat it, so I gave the neck of the magic machine, which was too scared to do anything, a quick poke with my tonfa to disable it.

“You……idiots! Twelve magicrafts in such a short……time, and you’re all elite members of the Kingdom’s SS…….”

To the surprised Prince Mushym, Linnecarlo said proudly.

“You seem surprised, Brother Mushym, but I’m afraid you miscalculated by underestimating him, a rider who could tie with me.”

“I’ve never heard of such a mercenary other than the Sword Saint.”

“Why don’t you declare the outcome of the trial, the crowd is waiting for it.”

As Linnecarlo said, the people watching the trial were looking at Mushym with great interest…….Mushym seemed to feel some power in their gaze, and reluctantly said these words.

“Acknowledging that the defense’s argument is valid……I find all those here not guilty…….”

The moment Mushym said that, there were loud cheers from the crowd…….Some of them were probably the families of the innocents, and I was very happy to be able to help them.

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