I was sold at the lowest price C76

I was sold at the lowest price C76

Episode 76 The person I Love


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The Duke of Holomel’s residence was a gorgeous, opulent mansion…

“So, Princess Linnecarlo sent you…….What can I do for you?”

The Duke of Holomel had the appearance of a great nobleman. He had a round, fat body, a long beard, and narrow, sharp eyes…..He didn’t look very friendly, even though he was smiling.

“I have a secret letter from Princess Linnecarlo, please take a look at it.”

Arthur handed over the letter he had received from Linnecarlo.

I’ve heard about the vote on the succession to the throne, but I’ve never heard of……me voting for Yudin…….In exchange, you’ll have to defeat the brigands that are running rampant in my territory……Hahahahaha, funny, really funny proposal, the best deal a poor princess with no money could come up with.”

Arthur looks disgusted by those words…He was about to grab the duke, but Alana caught him by the scruff of the neck and restrained him.

“Fine, sure, if one vote can wipe out those bastards, it’s a win-win, I’ll take the offer.”

As planned, the Duke of Holomel came on board with Linnecarlo’s proposal, and now all that was left to do was to defeat the bandits.

“All right, the fish is on the hook, we just need to pull it out.”

“So let’s split up and find out more about the thieves. Me and Yuta, Jean and Emina, Arthur and Farma, Lorgo and Nanami.”

“Hey, why is it Alana and Yuta, can’t it be Nanami and Yuta?”

“Yes, Alana, that combination is unbalanced, what kind of information’s are Lorgo and Nanami going to obtain.”

“Hey, Jean, you sound like you don’t think Nanami and Lorgo can do anything.”

“No, I meant gathering information. I didn’t say they couldn’t do anything.”

Nanami wasn’t the only one who wasn’t satisfied with the combination that Alana had come up with, so we decided to be fair and use the lottery to decide. In order to avoid any danger in a strange place, it was decided that Alana, Emina, and Arthur, who had self-defense skills, and Jean, who could avoid danger with his mouth, would be split up and the pair would be decided by lottery. And so it was decided…

Alana and Nanami, Emina and me, Arthur and Farma, Jean and Lorgo.

“Then we’ll meet at this square in the evening.”

I nodded at Alana’s words and we headed off in different directions to gather information.

“Emina, how are you getting used to being in the Iron Knights?”

“Well, I guess I’ve gotten used to it……”

“Speaking of which, do you have any hobbies, Emina?”

“Hobbies? You’re not interested in my hobbies. You don’t have to force me to talk about them.”

“No, it’s not that I’m forcing you, but we’re friends and we should get to know each other a little better.”

“”Yeah……well, you’re the leader of the Iron Knights, so it’s not surprising that you’d think that……. My hobby is shopping; I like to look around for clothes and accessories.”

“Oh, really? Well, let’s do a little shopping now, shall we?”

“What are you talking about? We have to gather information about the thieves.”

“Yes, but we can gather information while we shop.”

“Yeah, but……I owe you guys a lot of money.”

“Oh, right, well, if it’s not too expensive, I’ll buy it for you.”

“Wait, wait, are you trying to get a piece of me or something?”

“You know……well, I think Emina is beautiful, but I have a girl I love.”

“Who is it, maybe Alana or……”

“No, I like Alana, but that’s not the point.”

“Then who is it, maybe Nanami? I don’t think that’s a good idea!”

“No, we’re separated now…….I don’t even know where she is…..I haven’t told her I love her properly, so I don’t think she thinks about me…….”

That’s right……I’m just a classmate to Yuki Shirayuki…….I wonder what would have happened if I had confessed to her on the last day of the school trip…..

“I’m sure you’ll be able to find her someday…..and then you can confess your feelings to her then.”

Emina said softly, probably worried that I looked a little sad.

“Then, feel free to let me shop with your money, come on, let’s go.”

Emina’s expression brightened, but I was a little worried about the contents of my wallet.

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    Dude….. First chapter of tye novel. Everyone was sold in an OPEN auction. Mc even saw who bought her and which empire or kingdom did it. This shows the novel is already going below average.

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