I was sold at the lowest price C77

I was sold at the lowest price C77

Episode 77 A Popular Person


“Hey, I’d like to ask you about the bandits that have been tearing up the area lately…….”

I spoke to the wives who were whispering in small voices around the living well water, but for some reason they didn’t answer me and went away in disarray…….By the time I got here, I had encountered similar scenes many times and had yet to get any information.

“It’s funny, we’re supposed to be having trouble with the bandits, but all the citizens are uncooperative…….That reaction makes me think they know something but don’t want to talk about it.”

I guess, as Emina said, they don’t want us to find the bandits, on the contrary, I get the vibe that they don’t think well of us.

“Hey, you want to hear about the bandits?”

The ones who called out to me were a group of three people who looked like they belonged in a bad neighborhood.

“Yes, but do you have any information?”

“Oh……I’ll tell you a good story, I just can’t talk about it here, so come with me to that back alley.”

“Yuta, don’t you think these guys are a little suspicious?”

Emina warned in a small voice.

“Sure, they’re suspicious, but if we keep going like this, we’re not going to get any information…….”

“All right, well, listen to me, but be on your guard.”

I told Emina that I understood and headed into the back alley with the three of them.

When they came to the alleyway, the attitude of the three men suddenly changed.

“Hey! It looks like you’re doing some research on the bandits, don’t do anything unnecessary!”

All three of them have knives…

“Does that mean you’re acquainted with the bandits or something?”

Emina, who had quickly stepped in front of me, put her hand on the hilt of the sword at her waist and asked.

“That……doesn’t matter! If you don’t do what I say, I’ll hurt you.”

The moment the man said that, Emina pulled out her sword and in a split second, she had flicked the three knives away – as expected of an ex-soldier.

“Damn……how dare you!”

“Just answer the question, are you with the bandits?”

“I’m not a bandit, but I am indebted to them! They share the money and food they take from the lords, and we need them more than the evil lords who torture us with high taxes!”

Well, it seems that the bandits are sharing the money and food they took with the people, and they seem to be much more popular with the citizens than that evil-looking lord.

“You can’t just take something from someone for any reason, just tell me what you know!”

With a sword at his throat, the man shakily replies.

“Oh……we don’t know anything……because the bandits come without warning, hand out money and food, and then go away.”

“You don’t even know where they come from?”

“I don’t know! Rumor has it that there’s a hideout up on Mount Dena.”

“Hey! What the hell are you saying?”

“I don’t have a choice! I’m scared of her eyes.”

“Do you have any other information? For example, tell me how many members there are, how many magicrafts they own, and anything else you know!”

“I really don’t know anything about this, give me a break!”

“Emina, they really don’t seem to know, so we’ll just leave it at that.”

When I said that, Emina put her sword away. It was almost evening, so we decided to leave the guys alone and head back to the meeting place.

Arthur and Farma were already back at the rendezvous point, so I quickly asked what they found.

“How did it go, Arthur? Did you get any information?”

“Well, I did a lot of canvassing, but for some reason the people didn’t want to talk about the bandits, so I got nothing.”

“We’re in the same situation, and we haven’t gotten any information, so hopefully Alana or Jean will come back with some information’s.”

As I said this, Alana came back with a sullen look on her face.

“Alana, how did it go?”

“It doesn’t help that the people in this town don’t talk at all when it comes to the bandits, in fact they treat us like we’re the bad guys for trying to find them.”

“I guess we are.”

“I suppose we can’t expect much from Jean, either.”

“Oh, what can’t you expect from me?”

Jean and Lorgo appear.

“Jean, how’d it go?”

“I’ve got it all, the location of their hideout, the numbers of the bandits and even their leader.”

Both Alana and Emina were surprised by his response.

“How did you get so much information?”

When I asked, Jean pointed his thumb at Lorgo and said, “I used this guy.”

“Lorgo, what did you do?”

“I was just standing there……cracking my knuckles when Jean told me to……I didn’t do anything.”

I imagine Lorgo silently cracking his knuckles…….Those of us who know Lorgo might not think anything of it, but those who don’t know him might be terrified of what a big man with the appearance of a bear might do to him. I knew……Jean was going to pull through.

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