I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C16

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C16

C16: The Goblin Treasure (2)


“Taking down goblins? What a pain in the ass.”

“It can’t be helped. It’s a mandatory request.”

One week after meeting the foul-mouthed girl at the Adventurer’s Guild. Suddenly, the Adventurer’s Guild issues a compulsory request to all adventurers living in the capital. The request was to defeat a swarm of goblins that had spawned in the forests north of the capital.

Massive goblin outbreaks are not uncommon in this world, but this time the scale was unusually large. The fact that even Kagehiko, a lowly Iron Rank adventurer, was forced to participate in the outbreak shows the gravity of the situation.

Adventurers of Bronze and above are required to enter the forest. Kagehiko and the other Iron adventurers were given the task of defeating the fleeing goblins on the outskirts of the forest.

While waiting in the southern part of the forest, Kagehiko heard about the situation from an adventurer he knew.

“I heard that three villages in the north have already been destroyed. All the men and livestock have been eaten, and the women…well, you know what I mean.”

“Well, yeah. One of the hells of the world, right?”

It is common knowledge among adventurers that goblins kidnap human and elf women. They use them for breeding until their bodies are destroyed, and then they process them into meat, the cruelest end of all. Even Kagehiko, who had once fought for world peace in the heroes’ party, was sickened by the goblins’ actions.

“Whoa, there’s a Silver rank.”

“Looks like it.”

Two carriages arrived on the south side of the forest. From the stopped carriages, a group of adventurers dressed in high quality equipment descended. A swordsman who wears a golden sword and armor, a warrior wrapped in black armor, a sorcerer in white robes and a thief in light armor made of fine leather.

They were dressed in different outfits, but they all had a different vibe to them than the other adventurers here in Iron. They were the main force behind the Adventurer’s Guild, the Silver Ranks, and they had the presence of a sharpened blade.

“They’re all silver, looks like there are no gold rankers.”

“Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any gold-ranked people in the guild.”

“You know nothing, Kagehiko. Gold adventurers work directly for the guilds and nobles, so they don’t go to the guilds to get requests like we do.”


The adventurer man says mockingly. Passing it off with a nonchalant remark, Kagehiko continues to observe the silver adventurer.

“Oh, she’s…Lime, right?”

Among the silver adventurers is Lime, whom I met at the guild the other day. Dressed in half plate, the girl enters the forest with her fellow female adventurers, a thin sword at her waist.

“The Silverwing Maidens! They’re as beautiful as ever. I’d love to see them get killed by goblins!”

“Oh, come on, you’re too lowborn to imagine that.”

“That’s nice, I want to hold you…”

While looking at his acquaintance who was looking at the female adventurers from Silverwing with lustful eyes, Kagehiko saw the group off into the forest.


There was a vague feeling in my chest. It was an unpleasant feeling that I had felt many times when I was in the hero’s party.

“I hope nothing happens to you, but these bad premonitions have never come true.”

Muttering, Kagehiko looked up at the sky. Overhead, the cloudy sky seemed to encourage his anxiety.

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