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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C17

C17: The Goblin Treasure (3)


This is the last chapter of today.

The silver and bronze adventurers were divided into units of about five to ten and entered the forest through multiple routes. The reason for this was that in a narrow forest, even if a large group of people were to stick together, they would be unable to move freely.

The adventurers who entered from the southern route were a joint party of two silver-ranked parties, the Silverwing Maidens and the Golden Sword. The members of the Silverwing Maidens were led by their sub-leader, a silver-armored warrior named Mertina, followed by two others: Lime, a fine sword wielder, and Kati, a wizard; all three were young women.


When Mertina swung her sword, the three goblins in front of her were instantly cut in two.

“Water, pour down as a waterfall, envelop my enemies and crush them! Third rank magic [Water Formation]!”

The wizard in the white robe, Kati, activates a spell. Several goblins were crushed by the pillars of water that poured down on them.

“Hmm…goblins kill.”

Lime slipped soundlessly through the goblins. As she passed, the goblins’ green skin was slashed open and blood spurted out, staining the surrounding trees red. The Silverwing adventurer killed the goblins with brilliant skill. On the other hand, the Golden Sword adventurers were not to be outdone.

“Hahaha, prostrate yourselves before my sword! You evil little bastards!”

The leader of the Golden Sword is Leon Bonaparte, a warrior wearing a golden sword and armor. When he swung his golden sword, a flash of light emitted from the sword and sliced through several goblins at once. It was the power of the magical sword that gave the Golden Sword its name.

“There are so many of them, it’s a hassle!”

While complaining, the sub-leader, a warrior in black armor, smashes the goblin to death with a large mallet. I don’t know how much force he used to swing it down, but the goblin was crushed like mincemeat.


“Hmph, hmph, hmph!”

The other two members of the party also swung their swords and killed the goblins without any trouble. The joint party of seven members of Silverwing Maidens and Golden Sword were all silver-ranked adventurers, the main force of the guild. To them, mere goblins were no threat, no matter how many there were.

“Katie, Lime. Are you two okay?”

Mertina, the sub-leader of the Silver Wings, looks back at her friends and asks.


“No problem. Sub-leader.”

Lime gave a short reply and nodded, and the wizard called Kati answered firmly.

“It’s not often that something like this happens when the leader is away…”

They, the Silverwing Maidens, are a party made up entirely of women. Their leader, a gold-ranked adventurer, had received a request from the royal family and had gone to another country with several companions.

The leader of the Silverwing was not the only one who was absent. Coincidentally, all of the gold-ranked adventurers residing in the royal capital were away. I can only say that I was unlucky since such an outbreak of goblins occurred at this time.

“You don’t have to whine. Complaining isn’t going to make the goblins go away.”

“You’re right Lovely maidens!”

In response to Meltina’s words of encouragement, a reply came from the other direction. Leon, the warrior wearing golden armor, stepped forward in front of the girls from Silverwing.

“The lives of the people of the Slayer Kingdom are on our shoulders! If you have time to run your mouth, kill as many enemies as you can!”

He pointed his sword at the group of goblins, saying, “Shine, golden eagle! Gold Feather Slash!”

The gold-armored adventurer’s sword shone even brighter, and the flashes of light that shot out became countless arrows that rained down on the swarm of goblins.


“Ha-ha-ha! All evil shall perish before my golden sword!”

“Hey, Leon! Don’t use your big moves on small fry! Your magic won’t last!”

The black-armored adventurer cautioned Leon, but Leon snorted.

“Don’t overreact to mere goblins. Come on, fair maidens. I’ll open a blood path for you, so you can go on without worry!”

Leon smiled at the Silverwing adventurers and continued on his way through the forest. The party members hurriedly followed behind him. Lime murmurs to herself as she watches the backs of the golden adventurers moving ahead of her.


“Lime, I can hear you.”

Lime’s words seemed to speak for all the women there, Mertina sighed and chided her.

Leon Bonaparte, the gold-armored adventurer, is the closest thing to a gold-ranked adventurer among the silver-ranked adventurers. Aside from his personality, he is one of the most talented. However, many adventurers knew that his achievements were due to the magic items he purchased with the generous funds of his noble family.

In addition, his hot-headed personality often kept him at a distance from female adventurers. Even though they knew he was not a bad man, it was troublesome to work with him.

“His face isn’t bad, but his personality is a detriment.”

Kati, the wizard, gave Leon that assessment and Mertina agreed.

“I know. But it’s part of the job to work with troublesome people. You’ll both have to be patient.”

“I don’t mind, as long as we can kill the goblins.”


Lime and Kati nodded at Meltina’s words, then they started to follow the Golden Sword party.

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