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Episode 80 Lion King


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The leader of the bandits, known as the Lion King, began to speak…

The story of the Lion King goes like this: once upon a time, this area was a small country called the Kingdom of Stogar, but 20 years ago, the king was killed and the young and beautiful queen was taken hostage by the young and ambitious Duke Holomel of Meltaria, who wanted to expand his own territory.

Eventually, the queen responded to the frantic proposal of Duke Caron of Meltaria, who fell in love with her beauty, and she became his wife and bore him two children…….However, a few years ago, she fell ill and died.

“Interesting story, but what does this have to do with us?”

In response to Alana’s question, the Lion King continued his story.

“The queen was loved by the people of Stogar, and this did not change even after the country disappeared and she became the wife of a nobleman from another country…….The queen loved and cared for her people. Before she passed away, she left these words to her son: [The people of old Stogar are suffering from oppression……and I hope that something can be done…….]”

When Alana heard this, she seemed to have realized something.

“You’re the son of the queen?”

“I’ll leave it to your imagination who I am, but you can be sure I’m someone who can’t leave the people of this land suffering under oppression.”

“I understand what you’re saying, and I understand that you’re not ordinary bandits, but we can’t betray our client, and in order to do that, we need to destroy the bandits in this area, I’m sorry, but we can’t just let you go.”

“Well, then what are you going to do, capture me?”

“Pretend to be dead, the bandits have been eradicated and you’ve been defeated by us, if you do that, you’ll be fine.”

I was suggesting that, partly because the Lion King was more likeable than the Duke of Holomel. We just need to get him to vote for Yudin, not to destroy them.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why are you so supportive of the Duke of Holomel?”

“Our employer is Linnecarlo, soon there will be a vote for the succession to the throne between Yudin and Mushym, and in exchange for his vote we have to defeat the bandits.”

“……Okay, we’ll pretend to be dead, but can you do me one favor?”

“What do you want?”

“I would like you to arrange a meeting between me and Prince Yudin, it would be possible since you have a connection with Princess Linnecarlo.”

“Wait a minute, what’s in it for us? It’s not worth it to lose out and then ask the client to do something impossible.”

“First, I will pay you 200 million as a small token of my gratitude, and I promise you another……vote for the succession to the throne, Duke Caron’s vote.”

I’ve heard of Duke Caron, but he’s one of the people who will be voting for the succession to the throne this time. If he promised me that vote, then it looks like Alana’s right about the Lion King being the son of the Stogar’s queen.

“Not bad. What do you think, Yuta? I think Linnecarlo would agree if the story about the vote is true.”

“Yeah, I’ll accept your offer.”

“I promise you won’t regret that decision.”

This is the end of my talk with the Lion King, I get my money, and the promise of a vote, what a great outcome.

“But if we were to report that I had destroyed the bandits, I doubt the Duke of Holomel would believe us so easily.”

“I have an idea.”

I explained to Alana and the Lion King the method of reporting to the Duke of Hormel that I had been thinking about.

“Bringing back the head of a magicraft is……a novel idea.”

“It reminded me of how people used to take credit for old battles in my home country.”

“I don’t know how you feel about that, but it might be enough to prove that we took you down.”

“Fine, take as much evidence as you can.”

We cut off the heads of all the bandits’ magicrafts and brought them back skewered on spears to create a cruel feeling. The Lion King was to accompany us to prepare the money for our payment and to meet with Yudin.

“How long are you going to wear that mask?”

Alana pointed out to the Lion King as we returned to the ride carrier and took a break.

“Huh, yeah, I guess there’s no point anymore……”

With that, the Lion King took off his mask.

“……Lord Theseus!”

It seems that Arthur knows the identity of the Lion King.

“The Duke of Caron son, Theseus, at your service.”

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  1. abandonship

    It’s probably the author ignoring some OOC considerations due to convenience so chars seem to change as needed. Or facts that should exist remain unmentioned such as the sentry observer positions presumably can see each other, yet they pay no regard to the disabling of sentries. Monitoring of sentries is important because if a sentry disappears, standard operational doctrine is that the enemy is now here. The other magicraft aren’t stealthy, so they should have been seen long ago by the sentries who have the advantage of height. Certainly, the two large Riders carrying multiple magicrafts would be hard to miss even though it is parked a distance away, but certainly not over the horizon.

  2. Wait, who are you and what did you do to Yuta?
    Thinking on your own? Suggesting a thought-through plan of action?

    Or is it that the Author or translator seemed to write him as more of an idiot?

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